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Something less depressing Sometimes things like this is quite entertaining. An old school friend pointed me to this video via Facebook, quoting her, ” She makes me wanna be a lesbian for a night”. Hahahaha.

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Life has suddenly become quite boring and sometimes even depressing. I don’t know why I feel this way so suddenly. There are many reasons to it I think. Maybe a change in lifestyle or environment will do the trick. But … Continue reading

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The Passing of the Storyteller

Yasmin Ahmad passed away. When I heard the news last night, I was very much saddened to know that one of the brightest, if not THE brightest and boldest creative soul of Malaysia has left us. I started to recall … Continue reading

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Ah, a post about movies. Have been wanting so long to write a post about movies. There are currently so many summer blockbusters in the cinema and one really is spoilt for choice. Big bang movie lovers love the summer … Continue reading

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Sometimes it baffles

When I read the news of the Jakarta bombing, mixed feelings I have. First and foremost, I feel sorry for the innocent victims. Secondly I feel angry at that cowardly act of terrorism. And thirdly a mixed feeling of blessing … Continue reading

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Japanese Modern Visual Culture – Daicon

Yesterday and today morning we were at the Multimedia University in Cyberjaya as part of the Malaysia Weiqi Association’s promotion of Go in the Daicon event. It was really nice, full of youth and vigor. It is undeniable that the … Continue reading

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Now That We Know – Secret To Winning Go

Now that we know that the object of Go is to get more points than your opponent, how do we then proceed to study Go so as to become stronger? Recall from the post below that P(A)=pt(A)+pc(A), then to have … Continue reading

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