The Last Star of The East: Brigitte Lin

I have finally received the book!! “The Last Star of The East: Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia and Her Films” by Akiko Tetsuya.

A friend of mine who is really geeky about Hong Kong movies (e.g. her pop quiz questions would sound something like this: Who were the nominees for best actress in the Hong Kong film awards in 1992?) recommended this book to me. I wrote to the author for a copy of the book (apparently she was about to burn all the books for the lack of Lin Ching Hsia fans), Akiko and finally after 2 weeks, it’s here!

The author took a lot of trouble to get this book published, a 8-year Herculean effort.

The friend I spoke about just now wrote a rather lengthy review on the book (she was a movie reviewer by the way and reviews for this site). In her views, “For one thing, Akiko’s book has given me a greater appreciation of Brigitte’s entire body of work as a whole as well as individual films of hers. So much so that …. reading the book has got me wanting to revisit lots of Brigitte movies”.

A whole discussion thread was dedicated to this book in the well respected Mobius Asian Cinema Forum.

I look forward to reading this book over the weekend. Wooo hooo……….

By the way, if you love Hong Kong movies and don’t know about this
site, check it out now:


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