26th World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC)

The 26th WAGC held in Nagoya Japan has just ended. This year the representative from Malaysia is Mr. Teng Boon Ping aged 29. Boon Ping is the 2005 Malaysian Champion, which earned him the right to represent Malaysia.

His results in this championship is really good, 23rd place out of 65 players. This is a Malaysian record. The champion is China, followed by North Korea then Taiwan (called Chinese Taipei). The South Korea representative only managed to finish 4th, and he is already a 1dan professional in Korea. This speaks a lot of the quality of the players.

This is Boon Ping’s first time at the WAGC despite him being one of the strongest Malaysian player around. There is a bit of legend surrounding Boon Ping.

He started to play weiqi at a young age and was quickly recognised to be talented. His family was very supportive and he was placed in the training of our senior player, Mr. Lee Choon Huat and represented Malaysia in the world youth championship where talented children played. One of the children who took part in the same tournament was Chang Hao, a top professional player in China now who also recently won the Ing cup which comes with a USD400,000 cash prize.

According to legend, during the youth tournament, a Taiwanese professional saw Boon Ping’s talent and wanted to take him as a student to be trained as a professional player. However, the chance was missed since his family thought he is better off with a regular job. He is now an engineer.

If he did follow the professional player route, then Malaysia would have its first professional player, which is really cool.

A very good report of the WAGC can be found here

Boon Ping (left in the picture, blue shirt) in action in the Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand Tournament held in Singapore in December 2004.

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