After a few days….

It has been a few days now that I have started this blog thingy. It is quite fun but the fact that it is actually published, whether there is anyone actually reading it or not, can make me feel quite nervous. Constantly I worry about my grammar and spelling which actually hurt my eyes each time I re-read my posts (and this is probably why authors need editors and copywriters coz they can never check their own work properly. not that I am some author though….).

Another thing that I worry is that my posts are boring. haih….. but well……

Anyways, movies watched over the weekend up to yesterday:

1. Kungfu Mahjong – hhhmmmm….. hasn’t Wong Jing already made one mahjong comedy in the early eighties already….. well, still, we see plagiarism everywhere, from Kungfu Hustle (of course) to the cantonese soap opera. Well this is Wong Jing. Funny thing is that this movie, cheap as it may be and laden with continuity problems and a plot that has been featured almost like a million times in a million movies already, is somehow quite enjoyable. Luckily it was not another “Love is a Many Splendoured Thing”. Thank the Lord Buddha and Wong Jing for sparing us another torturous experience. I do recomend Kungfu Mahjong to any movie fan who goes in to watch this movie just for fun. And if you know how to play mahjong, perhaps you will learn a thing or two. If you dunno how to play, perhaps it will give you an idea why so many people in the world is playing this game.

2. Madagascar – liked it a lot. Just go watch it. Brings back old feelings I had from those old Mickey Mouse flicks, Bugs Bunny etc. etc. Just listen to the way the kids laughed, if you are lucky enough to watch in a cinema hall full of kids. Suddenly you will feel younger and happier. Critically, however, it’s not giving much challenge to those people at Pixar. Bambi, Dumbo is up there. Nemo, Mr. Incredible is near them. Madagascar has to come behind them. But surely way, way ahead of Shark Tale. And of course…. hehehehehe…… all these, in my very humble and personal opinion, is quite a distance away from Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Gibli associates (just watch Grave of the Fireflies (by Isao Takahata), Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa, My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away etc. etc.). Well, a very personal opinion that is. No offense meant… :) One review of Madagascar can be found here.

3. Red Dust – a 1990 Brigitte Lin classic. Cinema can be this great. You will like City of Sadness if you like this too, although City of Sadness can be a tad less emotionally affecting as this. A review of Red Dust can be found here.

4. Memento (re-watching with colleagues) – interesting editing and idea on what memories are made of, but rather stale now on my 3rd viewing.

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