Hitchiker's Guide

So far, all the reviews I read about The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has been great. Looking forward to watching it very much.


Movie watched over the weekend:

Because I am playing Go on Saturdays, normally the whole of Saturday will be devoted to Go, which is quite nice. So, it left only yesterday to watch 2 movies, both Hong Kong.

1. “Portland Street Blues” (1998) – I thought I have watched this before but apparently not. A spin off from the popular “Young and Dangerous” series, it chronicles the rise of Sap Sam Mui, one of the key leader of the Hung Hing triad who is in charge of vice in the famous red light district, Portland Street. When I first watched Young and Dangerous (actually it’s only in episode 4 that Sap Sam Mui made an appearance), Sap Sam Mui is only french fries lesbian, hard on the outside but soft on the inside. Only after watching this only did I know she is actually capable of loving men. This movie tells us how Sap Sam Mui got to who she is in the triad. Sandra Ng played Sap Sam Mui (as in the original Young and Dangerous) and she played that role really well, together with her father (played excellently by Ng Man Tat) and Kristy Yeung who played her best friend with a twist in the end (ahem!). Kristy’s performance is also outstanding and introduced her in a big way to the general public but it was Sandra Ng who got the best actress award at the 18th Hong Kong Film awards and deservedly so. Shu Qi also made an appearance and played her role superbly albeit with a very irritating Taiwanese accent. It is weird, however, to see Shu Qi appearing again in a “Young and Dangerous V” though. I don’t know how that connects to this episode. Anyways, all in all, it was a superb performance from the cast.

Well, to side track a bit on Shu Qi. Yes, she is a category III actress who made her name with such category III classics as “Sex and Zen II”. Putting aside that, I do think that she is quite a good actress. Consider her performance in “Millenium Mambo” for example. She is capable of quite a wide range of acting skills, in my humble opinion. She is also in Hou Hsiao-hsien’s latest flick, “Three Times”, which participated in this year’s Cannes but unfortunately did not get any awards (I really don’t think this has anything to do with her though).

2. “Slim Till Dead” (2005) – This is a usual crime “thriller” with the same messed-up, split personality type, Dr. Jackyl and Mr. Hyde type, “Fight Club” type, etc. etc. etc. criminal going out to take revenge on being called a fatty while she was young, and of course, she became thin and pretty now but the fatty girl never left her (I see Freud smiling already). What she will do is to kidnap spokespersons for a slimming center and forces them to slim down to 70 pounds within a week. If not, they die. And we have Anthony Wong being the run-down cop, also with hidden memories, trying to nab this evil person, and on and on and on and on. You know how it goes already. Anyways, we see a superb performance from Sherin Teng though, a veteran in at least the TVB drama industry. She is really charming in this movie, and becoming more and more charming the more mature she got. Errr…. did I also say that Wong Jing directed this movie? Well…… Oh yes, nearly forgotten about it. There is a remake of Fruit Chan’s “Dumplings” in this movie as well.

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