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The above is a newspaper cutting from the Metro section in one of the major newspaper in Malaysia. I am not trying to embarass the author but the fact that it indicates that Ozu is still alive when “Village of Dreams” was made and that he is also responsible for the creation of the Chibi Maruko-chan movie made me almost jumped out of my chair.

Publications especially major newspapers should have a very intense checking department where all the facts published are checked although I am not very sure how effective this department is in this particular newspaper. The person responsible for this write-up is obviously ignorant of what he/she is talking about except perhaps regurgitating facts or worse, publishing a write-up supplied by a third party without checking. Published write-ups in a major newspaper whould be properly checked. It is not a personal blog where the author (ahem) has the liberty to make as many mistakes and to express whatever opinions and feelings he wants.

Coming back to this film festival, the programming has just been published and to my horror, I will have to miss the screening in Kuala Lumpur due to a pre-planned trip to Melaka on Saturday (18th June) and returning on the next day to attend the Beethoven's Ninth performed by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Choir in the afternoon. I guess I will have to travel up to Penang to catch the movies, but it is still horrible since they are not showing “The Taste of Tea” there. Why not show that movie there???????? Well, it has been some time now that I visit that island and it is time to pay that place a visit.

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