The Smiths and The Masses

So, I have finally watched “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, and what do I think? hhmmm….. one word – Hollywoody. Predictable plot lines, lots of expensive action, beautiful lead players, romance, formulaic love story designed to make you “feel it” and of course, the regular and also rather formulaic humour. Boy, am I in a bad mood or what… but I am quite certain that this movie is forgetable and I won’t miss it if I have not seen it, I think. But then again, who is to tell the future? I may dream of Angelina Jolie tonight, but right now, I have very low opinions of that movie, and also the key players. Good entertainment to some people, and at certain points I felt entertained as well. I am not denying that. The crowds’ reaction in the cinema hall confirmed that the movie is successful and it’s entertaining.

Finally, I have updated my website with some photos from the Malacca (should be Melaka, la) trip and also the section on movies have also been updated as well.

Next project is to translate the Sam Hui song….. the lyrics are really tough…. which probably meant that the people in the olden days have a better appreciation of prose and words. Lyrics nowadays are much easier to understand. Perhaps this is the same case as our “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” – art is now for the masses and the masses are generally mediocre in taste and opinion (now whack me for saying that).

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