Autograph books

When we were young, we like to ask our friends to write in our autograph books. Whether this is merely a trend or we sincerely wish to remember our friends, I am glad that I have followed the trend and asked them to write in it.

The autograph book is actually quite cool and is quite charming. Most of them are very sincere and a few of them can be rather sentimental. While most of the entries are full of praises as is usual in autograph books, here are a few that I find quite charming and can still made me smile after so many years, reminiscing old memories and still seeing their faces as I read.

“But faults aside, you're a really nice chap. Except for being stupid, dumb, ignorant, disgusting, intellectually backward, incompetent, indecisive, impertinent, inept, inhuman, infuriating, unstable, insubordinate, insulting, interable…. oops! a little bit carried away.”

Gosh! How did that guy know such words at such age!

“Hey Hot Dog! Do you know that you are acting very stubborn sometimes? You still want to argue even if someone is correct about something. And you're being very unjust sometimes. You treat your friends or people junior than you according to your mood. For your friends' sake, please don't get too fast hot up and argumentative. Oops! I think I am reflecting on myself. Ha! I know why. When I am with you, some of your bad characters get infected to me.”

Wah! What a comment to write! This guy is really gung-ho and suffered a lot from me during my rule in the school's military band. Charming fella, he even came to my wedding dinner just last December 2003!

“Throughout the years, you have always retained the same jovial, humble and cheerful personality. Success has not changed you. Keep it up. A word of advice though. Remember that no mater what, your STUDIES come first. Divide your time properly and do spend more time on your books.”

That was from a very dear friend whom I knew since primary school. While in my secondary school, I have spent too much time on co-curicular activities and I began to keep missing from classes, earning the nickname, “The shadow that comes and goes”. This is a piece of advice from a very caring friend. A friend indeed.

Here's one of the quote from a dear friend who has influenced my intellectual development. He reads Lao Tzu, among many other great works, when we were fighting over the badminton court with the other gangs.

“He does not show himself,
therefore he is seen everywhere.

He does not define himself,
therefore he is distinct.

He does not boast of what he will do,
therefore he succeeds.

He is not proud of his work,
and therefore it endures.

He does not challenge,
And for that reason, no one under heaven can challenge with him.”

For all of you guys, as you all rightly say:

“I will cherish our friendship and wish it will last forever”.

“The essence of friendship is the meeting of two different minds with a common dream, of two different hearts with a common bond and of two different persons with a common understanding.”

FRANCE (Friendship Remains And Never Can End).

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