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Movies seen since the last post:

1. “Just One Look” (2002)

Seen this on Astro a few times but have never watched that movie from head to tail. What an idiot I am! This movie is really good, especially if you are a fan of older Hong Kong movies. It’s something like “Cinema Paradiso”, if you wish to think of something similar. It a very charming movie.

Great acting from Anthony Wong. That guy is just so versatile. He can act in Category 3 movies, play a psychomaniac, play nice chap, play gangster, play smart lawyer, anything!

Eric Kot did very well too. At first I didn’t think much of him because he just has that same comic expression in all his movies. But the final part where we see him in the cinema hall secretly watching movies that he so vehemently denounced and flashed back on how he and his wife used to watch movies together is just so sweet.

I have previously praised Shawn Yue for improvements in his acting. He has proven his potential in this movie as well. So did Gillain Chung from the Twins. I think she has good potential as well.

2. “Initial D” (2005) – watching it in the cinema again for the second time. Still like it a lot. Can watch a third time. And a fourth time too only if they can remove the romance part. Can’t wait for the DVD and looking for the extra features in the DVD release.

TGV Mines’ sound system is really crap. They should really look into upgrading their cinemas.

3. “Love Among the Triad” (1993)

I am catching up on Hong Kong films that I have missed and thanks to a colleague, I am beginning to have access to these movies. This movie is about 5 people, two gangsters and their wives and a woman whom both these gangsters desire. The movie did extremely well in creating the tension between these characters and the women’s way in ‘biting’ each other is very telling.

The fighting scenes are very well shot, especially a gang fight scene in an alley which I felt was superbly litted and framed. Vincent Wan did very well in this movie. Despite his playing numerous supporting roles, his performance is really a joy to watch. He is very well remembered in the “Young and Dangerous 4,5,6” and “Portland Street Blues” as Sap Sam Mui’s love interest.

4. “Casshern” (2004)

I have heard of the rave reviews for this movie and finally watching it. I think it deserves the praises. It’s a piece on the wiles of war, of technological and industrial advances, etc. Thanks mainly to the skillful development of the characters in the movie, it escapes from being preachy like, for e.g. in “The Thin Red Line”. The use of CGI is extensive and one is very much reminded of the anime such as “Akira”.

5. “Public Enemy” (2002)

This is also a rather old film. They have since come up with “Public Enemy 2”. However, since I have not watched this yet, I might as well watch it. My feeling is that this is very much American influence and I am quite certain it’s a “Dirty Harry” remake. Even Dirty Harry’s “You Punk” line is given a face life and the hero in “Public Enemy” has his own line as well.

The narative structure is also similar. Crime committed. Criminal known. Cat and mouse chase. This has also been seen many times in other movies. Kurosawa’s “High and Low” and Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” comes to mind.

6. “Colour of Loyalty” (2005)

Forgetable movie. Wong Jing’s earnest effort in making a serious movie but in my humble opinion, is a failure. However, Shawn Yue’s performance shone.

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