This Shaw, You Must Watch

Just finished watching this movie and I think I have never watched it before. It is such a gem, especially if you are a fan of kungfu movies. If you think “Kill Bill” is cool, watch this one. No, I am not saying that “Kill Bill” sucks. I liked “Kill Bill” and the fact that Tarantino is not shying away from announcing his respects in “Kill Bill” (the Shawscope opening title, the camera techniques, the use of Gordon Liu, for e.g.) for these Shaw kungfu films is testament to his wisdom.

This movie is hugely enjoyable. From the husband-wife fighting (reminds you of a certain Mr. & Mrs. Smith? This is far better!), to the superb choreography, to the Chinese-Japanese martial arts showdown, etc. Helming this movie is Lau Kar Leung, who also had a cameo appearance in the movie as the drunken master. The Chinese hero is the superb Gordon Liu. I still cannot accept the fact that he is playing only silly supporting roles in recent TVB series.

*spoilers ahead*

One of this movie’s other title is “Shaolin vs. Ninja” and you will suspect that this is another Japanese-bashing movies a la “Fist of Fury”. It felt that way at first. Japanese are inferior, resorting to all sorts of trickery etc. etc. But this movie is not really about Japanese-bashing. It is about the code of honour in martial arts and at the end both the Chinese and Japanese shoke hands and learn to respect each other. Sweet conclusion eh? I wished the movie didn’t end so fast. Wished at least to see the hero and his wife together again in the end although we know they will be together and will live happily ever after. Anyway, I still enjoyed the movie very much.

I will say it again: I really enjoyed the movie!

Other movies watched since the last post about movies watched:

1. “I ‘Heart’ Huckabees” – good movie. Lots of talking. Can be too philosophical for some people. If you only like action, romantic comedies, or the such, maybe you would like to skip this. If you like Sartre and wished he wrote a sequel to “Being and Nothingness”, it is very likely that you will want to watch this movie.

2. “Shaun of the Dead” – sounds like “Dawn of the Dead”? Yes, I think it is a rip-off. While I did not see “Dawn of the Dead” because I really cannot watch horror and suspense movies, I enjoyed this “Shaun of the Dead”. It is comedy plus a little bit of suspense.

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