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To begin this post, I would like to share this link sent to me by someone (thanks :-) in response to my previous post re the nature of existence. Here it is Survival Game.

I have forgotten when I began to like watching movies and as far as my memory serves me, I can recall distinctly the image of me sitting next to my grandma's feet watching some Tamil movies on our 14 inch TV when I was very young. The whole image in my mind now is in black and white except for some red stripes on the deck chair that my grandma likes to sit on.

However, the process of actually getting “intellectual” with movies started only a few years back, I think about a decade ago when I began to systematically and deliberately source for movies to watch. We used to have a laserdisc rental house near my friend's house and he got us to start watching the laser discs in his house.

The interest became very intense after I joined this film production company that I am still working for. I get to meet new friends, join forums and film appreciation clubs. I began to start experimenting. It was really a great journey and right now even, I am still only surveying the tip of a huge and interesting iceberg. Everytime I hear a new name or a new title, I get all excited. This is really so much fun.

Because great movies are hard to come by and we are bombarded consistently by Hollywood movies, except for the GSC international screen, the Kelab Seni Filem and the now defunct film place in Stonor, I had to buy some of the movies that I really wanted to watch and the internet is really a great medium. The Fox Home Video at the Bangsar Shopping Center helped me a lot in getting those movies as well.

So, as time goes by, I see the number of movie titles in my shelf accumulating to now nearing 500 titles. Not many, of course although a lot of these movies are top class masterpiece from the world over instead of endless Hollywood titles. I know of people who has thousands of titles but that is not the point. The point is really that I am enjoying this whole journey of watching and collecting very much. These movies have given me so much pleasure and taught me many lessons.

Great movies that I have watched I will normally try to restrain from buying and spend money on movies that I have not seen instead . This seemed logical but sometimes the desire to just buy that “La Strada” or that “Music Room” or that “City of Sadness” is so huge. But I hope to be finally able to have a respectable film library in the future and pass them on to someone else who are equally or more interested than I am.

By the way, Malaysia really needs a good film library. I hope someone is looking into that. Rais Yatim probably?

Okay, so, here's the list of the titles that are in my tiny library, in pdf format. You can download it here. If there are any titles in this list that you are interested in, I always welcome enquiries or some sharing or exchange programme (which is one key reason of my publishing of my list here ;-))

Do note that the list may contain errors. The fact that I managed to get this list together is a miracle already, so please pardon me. Would appreciate it if you can let me know by e-mail if you spot any mistakes. Thanks.

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