Derek Yee

I have forgotten how long ago it was that I laughed so hard until my tears come out and at the same time felt so much for the characters in a movie while watching a movie in the cinema.

I have just watched “Drink Drank Drunk” yesterday. Directed by Derek Yee and played mainly by Miriam Yeung, Daniel Wu, Alex Fong and Vincent Kok, it was a joy to watch. This movie confirmed two things and changed my mind about one thing.

The movie was not all laughs though. As the movie progressed into a more detailed study on Miriam’s and Daniel’s characters, peeling layers off bit by bit, we see the sadder part of the characters. But you will feel for them and the movie ends in a happily ever after kind of note .

Was the story predictable? Yeah, probably, but it was well told. You can predict only the general line of the story, but you cannot predict how it was played out and executed. It felt very good. It did not pretend to end in an unexpected way as if being predictable is cheap and lousy.

Confirmed #1: Derek Yee is a superb director.

His style is simple. His story is simple. He has great attention to detail. His script is superb. He can get the best out of his actors. His movies have a lot of heart. He shoots not on huge budget. I love all of his recent movies, “2 Young”, “Crazy N’ The City”, “One Nite in Mongkok” and “Lost in Time”.

Together with Edmund Pang, they gave us some of the best movies from Hong Kong in the past two years despite the widely opined decline in Hong Kong cinema.

Confirmed #2: Romantic comedies can still be very good!

With the abundance of really dumb romantic comedies coming out from Hong Kong and elsewhere (and also from our Prof. Razak and gang), the genre really looked dead and boring. But no! This movie confirmed that a well executed romantic comedy, told by a superb director, can still be top class.

Changed Mind #1: Alex Fong is good afterall

As I have fought with my geeky friend who seemed to love Alex Fong, I really thought that the guy is “yat look chey”, or a rod of sugarcane as we say in cantonese. He is so stiff, with the pretentious smirk and basically carries the same cool, know-all character. But he is different in this movie. He is so hilarious. I didn’t expect that he can act like this.

So, for a jolly good time, please do go and watch this movie. And if you want to be a director, you can surely learn something about storytelling from Derek ;-)

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