Anxious week

I realise that I have not been updating my blog for a while now nor did I participate much in other blogs. We are releasing a new movie this week, on the 8th of September, and are all very anxious on how the collections would be. I am also working on a new intranet site, sort of like an information centre where one can see the box office collections of movies released, analysis of box office and release patterns, cinema sites and screens and other distribution and box office related information.

The movie that we have just released did quite well. It should be able to break the RM1.0 million gross by end of Sunday, or if not break, will at least hit about RM900,000 plus minus. This is quite good, even better than “Gila Gila Pengantin Popular” but not as good as “Gangster”. “Gangster” hit more than RM1.0 million in one weekend without midnite shows. But the performance of this new movie is good enough. It should be able to break RM2.0 million gross in total.

But box office collections is as unpredictable as the weather. The first weekend can show great promise but the movie can just tumble down on the second week, just like what happened to “Trauma”. But one can say that “another movie” affected it's collections, but still…..

One senior cinema manager said that the government's recent announcement to relieve the citizen's financial burden helped in getting people back to the cinema. I will not say that this is entirely untrue but from my experience, if people want to go and see that movie, they will go. No matter whether it is the month end where they are supposed to have spent all their money, no matter if it is a quiet month or not, no matter whether there are other blockbusters or not.

The key is to get these people to want to go and watch the movie. How this is done? There are several formulas of course, but still there is no guarantee. These formulas merely increase the chances of the movie. No one can guarantee if a film makes money, and the amount of money people in the movie business spend on marketing nowadays is just crazy.

They are lucky to be able to just recoup their marketing and print costs.

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