Broadway Cinematheque

Starting tomorrow, I shall be in Hong Kong for a week. There is just a need to go away for a short while and with the MATTA fair’s generous offer and in conjunction with the geeky’s friend’s visit there, I figure it is good time to go there as well. I can go and stock up on my DVDs and watch movies that will not be shown here, plus going to cool movie locations as well as eating nice food in the most tak-halal way ;-)

Looking at the programming at the Broadway Cinematheque is enough to make me drool. Too bad I couldn’t stay longer, else I will be able to catch the Hong Kong Asian film festival as well. Perhaps moving to Hong Kong is a good idea afterall. But still, for my visit, there are still good movies to watch. At least I can watch “April Snow” in advance of the Korean movie fanatics here although the movie has been called “April Slow” instead. I can also catch “Hinokio” and “Swing Girls” there as well.

Besides grabbing DVDs, I also plan to buy all those lovely books, photo books, posters, etc. etc. It is sounding like a superb trip now, fingers crossed.

My wife will have a wonderful time shopping for her photography stuffs and she will be sure to take the longest time in the world to set up shots. I have no patience for setting up shots, so I guess I’ll just snap whatever I fancy with the compact Ixus.

Disneyland? I think I will give it a skip.

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