Tsai Ming Liang on Film

As part of the DVD special feature, there is a recording of a meet-the-audience session after the screening of “The Wayward Cloud” in Hong Kong. One of the topics touched on was “What is film”. I find one of the points of view quite interesting whereby Tsai said that one of the people he spoke to has this to describe:

“In watching the normal “commercial” films, it is like reading a novel only with a hand turning the pages for you. I don’t like this hand. It rushes through the narative and I have not time to really look at the film, the colour, the texture, the sound etc. I don’t like to be rushed like this. Watching Tsai’s films is different. I can really see the film and experience it.”

On reaching out to the audience, Tsai has this to say:

“Filmakers have to approach and reach out to the potential audience and persuade them to come and watch their films. The other way round won’t work because people nowadays have so many alternatives and choices. If people don’t come and watch the film, they will never be aquainted with the films and the filmaker. Only by approaching these potential audience would the filmaker stand a chance in getting their films known.”

The meet the audience session recording which lasted about 35 minutes was not subtitled, so those who does not understand Mandarin will not be able to know what was discussed. If you are really interested, we can make an appointment to watch it together and I’ll try to translate as much as possible. ;-)

Am now reading the following books on films simultaneously.

[A Hundred Years of Japanese Film] [New Korean Cinema] [The Swordsman and His Jiang Hu – Tsui Hark and Hong Kong Film]

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