Professional Visits

Over the past couple of days, a professional Go player, i.e. someone who makes a living out of playing and teaching Go and is therefore extremely strong, came to K.L. We played host to him and yesterday I met him for the first time. He is very gentle and soft-spoken and looked pretty young, perhaps in his late 20s. He is very well dressed and speaks very good Mandarin and English after returning from the USA not long ago. Apparently, he plays on IGS and KGS as well, ranking at 8dan in IGS and similarly high ranking in KGS too.

He played two sets of simultaneous games yesterday, one with our very high level players, 4dan and above, one of which is a 5 dan from Beijing. The second set was with us, lesser level players. Here are some pictures:

Playing simultaneous games with our high level players – he looked like having a hard time but is actually not :)

Game reviews always follow after the game ends. Above – reviewing Boon Ping’s game.

Right after the game, we went to have dinner and then a group of them proceeded to Boon Ping’s house to continue playing. Four Singaporeans came as well to play. It is indeed a very fun and addictive game.

With some lessons from him, I feel a little bit more prepared for the coming Bangkok tournament, particularly to pay more attention to my reading skills (reading skill is the ability to read out moves to gain advantage over your opponent. It is extremely important).

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