Another nice Baduk Weekend

Over the last weekend, three Korean Baduk players (Baduk is the Korean term for Go/Weiqi) came to Kuala Lumpur for a short vacation and in conjunction with the vacation, they made contact with a member of our club and arranged for a Baduk weekend. They are very strong players, two of them being 7 dan in Korea (and has a strength of a professional player) and the other a 6 dan. One of them, Mr. Kong Han-Sung, is a committee member of the Korea Amateur Baduk Association.

I had a 5 stone handicap game with one of the 7 dan and it was a great game, by my own standards, of course. As with any handicap games, I had the advantage in the beginning. But at about move 100, he is already catching up. During the beginning part of the endgame, he made a great yose move at one of my corners and took away almost 15 points of my territory and in the end, I lost by only 3 points. Unfortunate, yes, but it was a great game.

I witness again first hand the power of Korean fighting. Their reading is first rate, their positional judgement superb. As our friend from Beijing said, Go is merely about reading ability and judgement. “Merely” he said, but what a “merely”…. I have no doubts, though, about the truth of his words since he is a strong 5 dan from China.

Reading ability and correct judgement.

Simple but in fact not easy at all, as all Go players can testify.

By the way, I am updating the Kogo Joseki Dictionary with materials that are not found in its current version, for example the latest developments in the “Avalanche” joseki and the “Magic Sword of Muramasa” joseki. I am at least updating the Komoku josekis based on the “Jungsuk in Our Time” book. Will publish the updates here when it is ready. I am also updating some Hoshi josekis based on my Chinese materials.

Did not watch much movies of note lately except for some very commercial films, “Chicken Little”, “Harry Potter and the bla bla bla”, etc. However, I finally have managed to watch “Slacker” after having it sit on my shelf for almost two months now.

As with the other “talkative” Richard Linklater movies, most notably “Waking Life” and to a certain extent also “Before Sunset”, it is a very stimulating film to watch, although almost 3 quarters through, my head began to want to start spinning. It featured a bunch of slackers in Austin, doing nothing really with their life but simply mumbling and talking anything from the existential theories, to politics and war, to conspiracy theories, to outer space colonisation, to automobile repair, to Dostoevsky, etc. Basically anything under the sun. It is really quite interesting listening to them talk, probably because I talk like them sometimes :)

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