Floating Clouds, Falling Leaves. Hong Kong Films

The year is coming to an end again. It is completely clear to me that the division of time is a human creation and any line is necessarily arbitrary. Who can really say when is the beginning and when is the end? However, without this, society cannot function in proper order and thus the division of time is necessary for practical reasons, if not anything else.

Nature has its own way to tell and demarcate the passing of time. Floating clouds and falling leaves, for example. However, these phenomenon does more than just tell the passing of time. It also inspires and fires up imagination. In this, nature’s way is far more superb, as in everything else.

With the artificial demarcation of time, we have now come to the end of the year, and this enables us to rethink on what we have achieved over the last 11 months and to think of what we want to do in the coming year. December is always a very difficult month for me. Have I achieved the things that I want to achieve as I have planned last December? Have I achieved anything at all, or did I fall back, degenerate, instead of progressing and moving on? What are my plans for the coming year? Can I even plan at all given life’s unpredictability? Is it a waste of time planning? Should I just face life as it comes and change my plans as I go along? I will keep thinking of these in the next few weeks.

Now that the year is also coming to a close, it is time to look back at the movies released over the last 11 months and up to now and come up with a list of top movie list for 2005. This is really my first time doing it and publishing my list. I will do only Hong Kong movies as I am more familiar with it than with other movies from other territories.

The list of Hong Kong movies released in 2005 can be found here. I have made a count and I think I have watched about 30+ of the movies listed. Here is the my short list in the order of their release date:

1. Crazy ‘n the City
2. It Had To Be You
3. AV
4. 2 Young
5. Initial D
6. Seven Swords
7. Wait ‘Til You’re Older
8. Election
9. SPL
10. Perhaps Love

Out of these, here is my top 5 in order:

Number 5: 2 Young

Number 4: Crazy ‘n the City

Number 3: Perhaps Love

Number 2: SPL

Number 1: Initial D

This will be it at the moment. This list is very personal. It reflects my personal tastes. These movies leave a very deep impression on me.

I have not watched all of the movies released in 2005, of course, but this is just for fun. No offense if this is not agreeable to you.

Initial D: Still Number 1

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