Journey to the West & Weekend Movies

I noticed that I have not been writing more on the movies that I have been watching lately. Well, maybe I can use this post to write on the movies that I have watched over this weekend.

The Celestial TV channel has just played a re-run of “A Chinese Odyssey – Part 2” starring Stephen Chow, among other stellar stars, and directed by Jeff Lau. I am a Stephen Chow fan and have watched most, if not all, of his movies and many of the movies, countless times, including the movie mentioned above. In my very humble opinion, of all the Stephen Chow performances, I think this is his best performance. Flanked by a great team of supporting casts and production crew, this movie, in fact, is one of the very best Stephen Chow movie I have watched. Athena Chu was superb in this movie as well. Oh, she is just so lovely and her eyes in one of the closing scenes (picture below), has such longing, it is not often seen in movies.

With the coming release of “A Chinese Tall Story”, a comparison with this Stephen Chow classic will be inevitable. Honestly, my expectations are rather low. Well, I will go watch the movie anyways, given that I will try to watch all Hong Kong movies released in Malaysia as a form of support for that ailing industry there and hoping that I will find a gem among them (as in the case of “Crazy N’ The City”.

Earlier in the day, I have watched Rave Fever, a film loaned to me by my geeky friend via our video exchange programme. It is a very engaging movie, sort of like a mystery movie and very well made at that. Helmed by Alan Mak, the co-director of “Initial D” and “Infernal Affairs” among others, it tells the story of a bunch of partying young people who happened to cross each other’s path in search for a mysterious “girl” called Sonia. A very interesting movie indeed, especially the editing technique employed by the director in telling the story.

Watched “The Constant Gardener” yesterday. The movie lived up to its expectations and what a good movie that is. Helmed by Fernando Meirelles who also directed that superb “City of God”, the movie tells of the story of a diplomat (Ralph Fiennes) and his wife (Rachel Weisz). The wife is a very passionate activist and in a series of investigations into malpractices and conspiracies, she got murdered. The husband who has not much clues on what his wife was doing, started going around attempting to uncover the secret that lies behind his wife’s death. A very engaging and well made movie. If you like “Hotel Rwanda”, you will also like this movie.

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