Of Two Monkey Kings

Finally managed to watch a movie in the cinema yesterday. The “King Kong” craze is crazy, jamming up all the cinemas and eating into other screens. “King Kong” is doing very well here in Malaysia although not really up to expectations world-wide.

Our movie, “Baik Punya Cilok”, started playing in the cinemas on the 22nd December and did really well in the box office. The feedback is great as well. Let’s hope this movie has enough legs to break into the new year.

Today, despite the huge jam due to the year end buying spree, we managed to go watch “The Chronicles of Narnia – the bla, the bla and the bla” (so long!). Felt nothing for the movie. It felt so childish to me and so Hollywood. Well, the movie did very well in the box office, thanks a lot to its marketing and positioning as a family, politically correct movie.

Now, after re-watching “A Chinese Odyssey” on the Celestial TV channel as noted in my previous entry, I went to watch “A Chinese Tall Story” helmed by the same director that did “A Chinese Odyssey”. After watching the trailer some time back, honestly, my expectation of this movie was not high.

And the movie met my expectations. The smart thing that the production people did was not to try to surpass “A Chinese Odyssey” but to do something totally different altogether, with the focus on the monk instead of the monkey and deployed a huge array of CGI. With many spoofs of the old “A Chinese Odyssey” including the monkey’s famous “love you 10,000 years” dialogue (which in turn is a Wong Kar Wai rip-off), plus a new rip-off from “In The Mood For Love”, the movie can be quite fun to watch at times.

The movie is totally out of the world (literally) and very whacky. Just see how they depict the Buddha at the end of the movie and the use of aliens (which is actually our ancestors – a stale idea, though), the evil army inspired by Japanese anime etc., it is just made intended to be a fun and crazy movie. Nothing more. Just keep your expectations very low. This movie is surely not in my top ten list of 2005 Hong Kong movies.

Next to watch: “The Promise”.

Totally crazy

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