Hong Kong Films listing revised

With the conversation with my geeky friend, I have made a call to revise the top ten Hong Kong films after having watched the uncut, original version of “Election” (available on DVD for only about RM26 – original, with the uncut, original Hong Kong version) and “Moonlight in Tokyo”. My top ten list of Hong Kong films previously was:

1. Crazy ‘n the City
2. It Had To Be You
3. AV
4. 2 Young
5. Initial D
6. Seven Swords
7. Wait ‘Til You’re Older
8. Election
9. SPL
10. Perhaps Love

Out of these, here is my top 5 in order:

Number 5: 2 Young

Number 4: Crazy ‘n the City

Number 3: Perhaps Love

Number 2: SPL

Number 1: Initial D

Now, I will have to take “Wait till You’re Older” out and replace it with “Moonlight in Tokyo”. In the top 5, I will have to replace “2 Young” with “Election”. The rest remains the same.

Also, on the 2005 Hong Kong Film Ratings page of the “Hong Kong Cinema – View from the Brooklyn Bridge” website, we can see a list of Hong Kong movies together with ratings from a few reviewers. Let me try to put a rating to the list too, just for fun.

By the way, I do not understand why “Perhaps Love” was not included in this list. Will watch “The Promise” in these few days.

Legend: 1-4=Awful, 5-6=Watchable, 7-8=Good, 9-10=Must See. NS=Not yet seen

2 Young: 8.0
A Chinese Tall Story: 6.0
All About Love: 6.0
AV: 7.0
Bug Me Not: 4.0
Color of Loyalty: 5.0
Crazy N’ the City: 8.5
Demoniac Flash: NS
Divergence: 6.0
Dragon Blade: NS
Dragon Reloaded 2: 6.5
Dragon Squad: 6.0
Drink, Drank, Drunk: 6.5
Election: 8.5
Embrace Your Shadow: 4.0
Everlasting Regret: 6.0
Eye 10, The: 6.0
Fear of Intimacy: NS
Futago: NS
Hand (EROS), The: 7.5
Hands in the Hair: 5.0
Himalaya Singh: 5.0
Home Sweet Home: NS
House of Fury: 6.5
Initial D: 9.0
It Had to Be You: 7.5
Kung Fu Mahjong: 6.5
Kung Fu Mahjong 2: 6.0
Legend of the Dragon: NS
Mob Sister (a.k.a. Ah Sou): 4.5
Moments of Love: NS
Moonlight in Tokyo: 7.5
Myth, The: 6.0
Perhaps Love: 8.5
Promise, The: NS
PTU File: Death Trap: 3.5
Rice Rhapsody: 6.0
Seoul Raiders: 6.0
Set to Kill: NS
Set Up: NS
Seven Swords: 7.0
Sha Po Lang: 8.5
Slim Till Dead: 6.5
Unusual Youth, The: 6.5
Wait Till You’re Older: 7.0
Where is Mama’s Boy: 3.5

Total number of films watched in the list: 36. Average rating: 6.33.

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