Beijing Kids, Funny Ha Ha!

Last weekend, we had some weiqi friends from Beijing over in Kuala Lumpur. They were actually here for holiday, a trip organised by their weiqi school, the HaiDian Go Institute. Their Vice President, Mr. Zhang Yi Zhou who is a 5 dan, led the group. Among them were three children, a girl of 14 and two boys, one 12 years old and the other younger. The girl is a 5 dan amateur and the boys are both 4dan and 3 dan respectively. I played the 4 dan kiddo and lost.

His judgement and reading was really great. He is very sharp and has superb attacking skills. It was a very interesting game. At the end, nothing really died on the board but I was behind by about 10 points, holding black. So with the komi, I figured I was quite behind and resigned, without finishing the game.

Recent movies watched:

“Saving Face” – Superb, superb movie. Interestingly directed by first time feature director Alice Wu, it was a story very well told. How I wish our local first time directors (and some not very first time directors) can have storytelling skills like this. With a great script and screenplay, first class acting, superb cinematography and a brilliant score, I was completely bowled over. The story is a very simple one and the theme is one that has been told over and over before but the way it was done, it just melted my heart.

“Crash” – Another great movie. It dealt with inter-racial tensions in the US post 9/11 and how these different ethnic groups reconciled with each other. The depiction of the line between who is good and who is bad, what is right and what is wrong, and how each individual deal with their own circumstances and find a place for themselves in this society is very refreshing and thought-provoking.

“Funny Ha Ha” – You will never find an entry for this film in Leonard Maltin’s Film Guide nor would you find it in the annual Time Out Film guide. I have checked the latest copy of these two guides and it is true. One probable reason is that this film never found a distributor and played only in festivals and independent screenings. This film tracks a girl’s life post graduation, sort of like a journey of discovery for herself. Read a wonderful article on this film here.

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