Movie awards and How Could They??

The nominees for the 2006 Oscar is out. Perhaps just for fun, I will do an Oscar thing, i.e. to watch all the nominated films for Best Picture over a weekend. In fact, it will be sort of a waste of time as if I have nothing better to do since I have already watched 4 out of 5 of the movies but just for fun maybe. It is always great to watch great movies again, especially the line up for this year’s Oscar. None of them were released in the cinemas here in Malaysia and none of them gave me the sickening feeling I get everytime I see a bombastic marketing campaign for such-and-such movie from the “great” Hollywood. You can only watch these nominated films here in Malaysia due our trusted DVD distributors, a bunch of extremely knowledgeable, up-to-date and efficient people.

I have not watched “Munich”, so I cannot really tell which one is my favourite to win in this category but all of them are really good movies. I will probably come back and state a choice after the said movie marathon.

On another note, although this is a bit old, I must still say it. What is wrong with the people at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society? Look at this list of winners for 2005 and tell me what is wrong.

Best film: Election

Best director: Johnny To, Election

Best actor: Tony Leung Ka-fai, Everlasting Regret

Best actress: Zhou Xun, Perhaps Love

Best scriptwriter: Wong Jing, Color of the Loyalty

Recommended films: Seven Swords, Color of the Loyalty, Crazy and the City, Initial D, Sha Po Lang, Home Sweet Home, Perhaps Love, Everlasting Regret

Tony Leung Ka-fai as best actor in “Everlasting Regret” has already gotten me on the edge but Wong Jing winning the Best Scriptwriter award for “Color of the Loyalty”, hello???????

Why do these people like “Color of the Loyalty” so much? In my very humble opinion, the script sucks! The movie mediocre. Haiya!

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