Come learn Baduk

When speaking of Baduk/Weiqi/Go with other people, I will sometimes get a weird look from them, as if only nerdy people with no life plays Baduk. Like how people look at accountants, this perception needs some major overhaul, firstly because it affects the development of Baduk as the average age of players becomes older but more pertinently, this perception is false. Accountants are accountants and they are supposed to look like that so that people are afraid to be funny with them but in actual fact, they are the greatest beings on earth because more often than not, they are genuinely honest and has warm personalities (no, definitely not the Enron type).

Anyways, enough of defending of accountants. Hikaru no Go has done a tremendously great job in getting a new generation of young Baduk players but for those guys who still refuse to believe that playing Baduk is cool and is chic and attractive, not to mention sexy, let me share with you guys some pics (hehehehehe):

These two are professional Baduk players


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6 responses to “Come learn Baduk

  1. :)

    Picking up girls whilst learning Go? That’s an added benefit…

    Unfortunately, if they come up as your opponents, high chances one will lose especially when you get distracted. :(

  2. fallingstones

    Haha, yeah. The hand will tremble, so can’t even put the stones properly. But really, not easy to find girls playing Go although there are a few female players here that are quite strong.

  3. Speaking from experience?

  4. fallingstones

    oh yeah…. during a tournament game some more… ;-)

  5. Hmmm… you should blog about that experience some time. It’ll make for an interesting read, especially with pictures.


  6. fallingstones

    haha. don’t have any pictures of it but every move is so polite ;-)

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