Collecting Wild Strawberries

I have not updated this journal for quite some time. This is largely due to some recent developments affecting mostly my career but also my entire life. I will very likely be moving out of my home country for a couple of years to work in a foreign land. The opportunity is not easy to come by and the job is very challenging and very rewarding.

It has now been more than 6 years now that I have worked in my current company and I thought it is time to move on. In fact, this thought did not occur only now. Two years ago I applied to go work in China and just last year, I was about to go to Hong Kong but the decision was rescinded by the top guy in our company at the very last minute. It turned out to actually be a blessing in disguise, this Hong Kong job.

Anyways, after moving to this new location, I will play a lot less Baduk because simply I don’t think I can find the time and secondly there isn’t a Baduk club in this new place. I do not really like online Baduk but it appears like it is my only chance to be playing any Baduk at all. There will not be enough time for movies and getting out of the current circle and supply chain, I forsee a major drop in time spent watching movies.

So it is like a very drastic lifestyle change but perhaps this is for the better. I cannot just think of playing Baduk and watching movies. I have to think also of my career and building up enough wild strawberries for those winter days and moving into a bigger cave for my family. I guess at any one point in anyone’s life, such a decision will confront that person and it is always hard to make such decisions, especially if it is counter-intuitive.

I shall be gone come May but I will still be updating my journal here. Afterall, the place that I am going is a top IT center in the whole damn world. It should have internet and broadband access, I think ;-)

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