All Dinners Must Come To End

Green mountains range beyond the northern wall.
White water rushes round the eastern town.
Right here is where, alone and restless, he
Begins a journey of a thousand miles.

While travelers’ intents are fleeting clouds,
A friend’s affection is a setting sun.
He waves good-bye, and as he goes from here,
His dappled horse lets out a lonely neigh.

-Li Po, 701-762

Ah, finally the day has come. As the Chinese says it, “Under the sky, there are no feasts that will go on forever”. I take with me the fondest memories of many great people whom I can proudly call my friend. I shall miss them and the film business so very much.

Tomorrow shall see me on my way to London and Paris for a short holiday before starting work in Hyderabad and I am looking forward to the holiday so very much, the music (Haitink conducting Beethoven at the Barbican – but no Mahler!!!), the musical (Les Misérables at The Queens Theatre), and especially to re-trace the locations where Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy walked in the film Before Sunset, one of our favourite films.

I shall update this blog as often as I can, on the travel and also on India. It is all so exciting. I hope and pray everything turns out well.

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