Will this happen in Malaysia?

First, the censors passed the film. Then the government banned it. Then the high court removes the ban. And now the government strikes back.

I almost thought I will miss this film. Oh, by the way, I have checked out the Prasad IMAX cinema. Watched Poseidon on the very big screen (not 3D) and it was an absolutely wonderful cinema. Finally, something to look forward to! The cost of the ticket is not cheap though, or at least not as cheap as in Malaysia. It costs about RM15 (USD4.1) per ticket versus about RM10 (USD2.7) per ticket in Malaysia. But as many people know, the ticket prices in Malaysia is very low compared to a lot of countries. But as far as I am concerned, I am worse off. So, who says India is cheap?


Hyderabad, June 22: The State government on Thursday decided to move a division bench of the High Court against the order of a single judge striking down a government order prohibiting screening of the controversial movie The Da Vinci Code. Sources in the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) said that the government plans to appeal after receiving a copy of the full judgement.

Justice G. Raghuram of the AP High Court had struck down an order by the government prohibiting exhibition of the film on Wednesday. But The Da Vinci Code’s distributor is not discouraged.

Stating that the State government had every right move court for an appeal B. Subrahmanyam of Lakshmi Ganapathi Films said, “As far as we are concerned, there is a clear High Court judgement lifting the ban and we will start screening the film from Friday, June 23. We plan to have one show each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Prasad’s multiplex at 3.15 pm. From Monday onwards there will be three screenings.” In other theatres of the city and the State, the film will be released on June 30, Mr Subrahmanyam said.

Meanwhile, Christian and Muslim organisations while welcoming the decision of the government to go in for an appeal, said protest demonstrations will be held at the Prasad’s multiplex on Friday.

The National Congress of Indian Christians youth wing president and general secretary C.A. Daniel Adams and G.S. Alwyn Enoch respectively said, “We went to the theatre on Thursday night but found that there were no posters of the film put up. Nor was the booking on. We will go again on Friday and hold demonstrations.” Earlier during the day, they met special chief secretary (Home) Paul Bhuyan and expressed their unhappiness over the “presentation/argument” given by the government on The Da Vinci Code film in the court.

They demanded that the government should ensure that the Telugu version o the film is not allowed to come into the market and impose ban on dubbing the film in any language. Even the St. Josephs Cathedral Parishioners’ Association demanded that the government immediately appealed against the release of the film.

MIM legislator Asaduddin Owaisi welcomed the government decision to move court and said that it reflected that the government was really concerned about the feelings of minorities. He appealed to all the cine-goers to respect the religious sentiments of the Christians and Muslims and said they should not go and see the movie. “Sky is not going to fall if the people do not watch this movie which hurts the religious sentiments of crores of Christians and Muslims. If they encourage production of such movies now, tomorrow another film hurting the sentiments of other communities will be produced and screened,” he said.


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