One watched last night

Despite the world cup fever, I managed to watch “Mohabbatein”. I told Jack that I am a sucker for love stories and he recommended a few and one of them being “Mohabbatein”. I like that movie very much.

Shah Rukh Khan in his character on his girlfriend who passed away:

“I did not fall in love with her on the condition that she would live longer than me. There are no conditions in love, so there shouldn’t be any regrets. So what if today she is not with me, I still love her the same way, not because I can’t find someone else to love, but loving her makes me happy. Whenever I miss her, I close my eyes and she is with me.”

Then looking at one of his students whose love for a girl was not reciprocated:

“You didn’t fall in love with her on the condition that she will love you too. So just because she loves someone else, you want to forget her… don’t let go so easily. Love is just like life, it’s not always easy, and it does not always bring happiness. But when we do not stop living, why should we stop loving?”

The students left. Shah Rukh is alone. He closes his eyes. We then hear his girlfriend’s (Aishwarya Rai) voice repeating the last two sentences. She appears in person. They teased each other for a while. Then Shah Rukh invited her to dance. They both danced to the tune of the theme song. I can feel the love that Shah Rukh was talking about. I can see the happiness and contentment on their faces. Great acting. Great music. Great timing. The scene was beautifully done!!!

Here’s the lyrics of one of the songs in the movie which I really like and has been humming since yesterday.

For whatever you say about Bollywood movies, they are extremely enjoyable to watch!

Here’s a link to the theme song just for you to get a feel of the music if you wish. Click here.

Now, you can actually also watch the music video on but the quality is not very good. Click Here. Please give it some time to load completely before playing to watch the clip smoothly.


Humko Humise

Humko humise chura lo,
Dil mein kahin tum chupa lo.

Hum akele, kho na jaayen,
Door tumse, ho na jaayen,
Paas aao gale se laga lo

Ye dil dhadka do, zulfein bikhra do,
Sharma ke apna aanchal lehra do.

Hum zulfein to bikhra dein, din mein raat na ho jaaye,
Hum aanchal to lehra dein, par barsaat na ho jaaye

Hone do barsaatein, karni hain kuch baatein.
Paas aao gale se laga lo.

Tumpe marte hain, hum mar jayenge,
Ye sab kahte hain, hum kar jayenge.

Chutki bhar sindoor se tum ab ye maang zara bhar do,
Kal kya ho kisne dekha sab kuch aaj abhi kar do.

Ho na ho sab raazi, dil raazi rab raazi


Steal me from myself
Hide me somewhere in your heart

Alone , fear I might get lost
Far from you , I might go
Come close and put your arms around my neck

Let the heart beat (faster) , spread your hair
Blush and let your shawl fly

I would let my hair down , but it might make the day into night
I would spread my shawl but it might start raining

Let it rain , we have to talk
Come near and embrace me

I die for you , I might die in reality I say all this , I will do it

Put this red dye of marriage in my hair parting
What will happen tomorrow who knows , do everything today

Others may not be ready , but the heart is ready and God is willing.

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