Hosting Ignorance and Arrogance

It is quite a pleasure living in Kuala Lumpur, not only for the food and the network of family and friends, but the offering of a variety of movies from all over the world. Of course there is still much to be desired but at least we do get to watch other movies besides an endless bombardment of Hollywood movies.

Over the last week, for example, just right after the European Film Festival (the word “festival”is used very liberally in this case), we see the release of THE HOST and LITTLE RED FLOWERS.

I have just watched THE HOST and felt that it is marvellously delightful! The humour is so dark, sometimes you get confused, i.e. at certain points in the movie, you don’t really know what to feel, whether to laugh or to cry or to symphatize etc. The movie is satirical and the way it lashes out not only at the stupid Mat Sallehs, but also at mankind as a whole was wonderfully done. As we see in the movie, the real problem is not solved but great efforts are spent to “solve” the problem that is not really the the problem. As demonstrated brilliantly, the “problem” that they think is the problem does not actually exist.

Also, sometimes it is a great heartache to read or hear some people commenting negatively on things that they do not really understand and especially Mat Sallehs who do not know head or tail of our culture but has the damn guts to condemn the worthiness of something that the people who live the culture felt is great. Hmmmm….. mind boggling….. but wherefore did such confidence to pronounce and judge come from? I wonder but the nearest answer I get is Ignorance and Arrogance.

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