Deux Hollywood Movies

Two recently watched Hollywood movies (yeah, of course I do watch Hollywood movies and often too I enjoy watching them and in some, I found gems too. heh):


Picking up from MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, I find this movie an admirable effort to reinforce in us the need to care for the family, friends and the environment and that being different does not equal being useless. Indeed very old themes but I thought the story was very well told and I felt good afterwards (like, say for example, each time after watching Frank Capra’s IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, I feel great afterwards).


Another old theme or variations thereof but compared to HAPPY FEET, did not move me at all. We have seen a good share of time travel movies and compared to, say, the classic/cultish LA JETÉE by Chris Marker which for many is THE time travel movie, DEJA VU is a very poor cousin indeed. Yeah, the action etc. is ok, afterall it is a Jerry Bruckheimer produced movie. And of course it will do very well at the box office. People like this kind of movies, a no thinker that makes you feel like you need to think and therefore congratulate yourself for discovering what Deja Vu means in the movie while having a whale of a time watching the explosions, naked skins, beautiful faces and bodies, flying bullets etc. (oh well, tempting indeed).

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