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Since it is no longer a secret as it has been announced elsewhere, I guess I will also do my part to announce the arrival of my much awaited blog by a friend who I find infinitely interesting :). For those who has been reading my blog since the beginning, this person is whom I refer to as “geeky friend” and to the greater community of Asian (particularly Hong Kong) movie fans, she is better known as YTSL, a regular contributor to the Mobius Home Video Forum (Asian Cinema) and a long time movie reviewer for Hong Kong Cinema – View from the Brooklyn Bridge. And of course, she is also my sifu on Hong Kong cinema and more.

Well, she is not paying me for a promotion of her new blog but I am compelled to point a link to the blog because I think and feel that it is something that is worth the few minutes of our time each day. The blog is not really about movies (so far) but on food, anthropologists, Arsenal, beer, trees, Tsai Chin, places…. etc. I personally like a mash-up of topics on living, sort of like Lin Yutang's “The Importance of Living” type of journal-like, joy of living type musings.

Here's the URL: Hope you like it too!

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