Some things that make me happy

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and especially so after my geeky friend’s entry in her blog but never really wanted people to know too much about what makes me happy and then find a way to blackmail me. Well, since I am in the mood now, in no particular order and surely not exhaustive:

– Having dinner with my parents, wife, brother and sister in my hometown in Ipoh, enjoying my mom’s cooking, especially “Choy Keuk” (sometimes known as “Suen Lat Choy”) – a dish prepared from a variety of leftover food cooked over several hours in a pot, “Ku Lou Yuk” – small pieces of pork marinated and fried and then stir fried in tomato ketchup paste and this is sometimes referred to as “Sweet and Sour Pork”, “Mui Choy fry pork” – pickled vegetables stir fried with small pieces of lean pork, and tops with ABC soup – carrot, tomato, onions and toufu boiled with a handsome portion of pork ribs.

– Waking up in the morning and realise that it is a holiday. Raining outside and with my wife sleeping soundly by my side, I pull back the blanket and go back to steal some sleep, knowing that I can have a late breakfast eating “Pan Mee” in Balakong and after that, with no firm plans in mind – perhaps finishing some of the short stories that has been lying on the bookself or perhaps watching some DVDs that I have reserved for days like this, or perhaps go shopping with my wife, or perhaps go to the bookshop and pick up some magazines, then buy some food and cook at home, or perhaps to study that Avalanche variation of the Joseki that I have somehow forgotten.

– Hanging out with friends that I like and talk about nothing in particular, the conversation flowing effortlessly and seamlessly, from topics ranging from what is happening to our first girlfriends now to why we think the current government sucks to why we think Vivian Hsu is cute.

– Playing a good game of Weiqi with a good opponent, getting chased around the board and then I discover a brilliant tesuji that saved my stones and captured the opponent’s stones and thus winning the game.

– Reading a good story and realised that a drop of tear is forming and about to drop, or feeling like jumping up and dance around the room, and then knowing that I have stored many more books like this that I have not read.

– Finally got hold of a cotton bud to cure that itch in the ear that has been bothering me for a while.

– Watching a great movie and sat motionless for 30 seconds after the credits roll thinking how great that movie was and wanting to tell the whole world to go watch that movie.

– Crossing out the tasks list and everyone in the team knows exactly what they are doing and supposed to do and in the process, achieves some remarkable feat, earning the company some insane amount of money and the team gets credited for doing so and can expect a good bonus.

– Listening to Mahler’s 9th symphony.

– Ironing clothes and the smell of freshly pressed clothings.

– Teasing my wife.

– Reaching a foreign land during winter and smelling that winter air, getting confused about the temperature and wanting to take off the scarf because it may not be very cold afterall. The sound of snow everytime I walk on it and not too far away, a hot cup of chocolate is waiting.

– Something that I have been looking for for a long time suddenly popped up unexpectedly.

– Watching the fishes swim and realise that they have grown bigger.

– Receiving a letter in the postbox from a far away friend or relative and wonders what is inside.

– Reading Calvin and Hobbes

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