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Back from Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Filmart was very tiring but the range of exhibitors there is quite good. Besides the back to back meetings and the obligatory lunches, not to mention late night clubbing and karaoke session, I did have time to check out my favourite Kubrick and spent a LOT of money buying DVDs there. I managed to pick up over 20 DVDs, all legit of course and in the filmart, although no deals were closed on the floor, I got back some really cool catalogues where I intend to buy quite many titles, including a catalogue full of Japanese classics, Kurosawa, Ozu, Mizoguchi, Naruse etc. Those will be very exciting titles to put on the channel. Also, libraries of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, European, Middle Eastern exist and now within range. Hopefully I can get those on the channel as soon as I can.

Met and chatted with Chris Doyle (who appeared to be drunk) and he asked about the Malaysian film industry and what is happening and I hope I didn’t disgrace myself and my country with the answer. Interesting scoop from the producer of INVISIBLE WAVES about Chris Doyle – they had bodyguards and all to take care of him but suddenly Chris disappeared. They found him lying on the floor rolling about looking for an angle and of course, half drunk :-). Cool guy he is and very nice and courteous.

Also met Peter Chan, Johnnie To, Twins and a host of other stars and directors. Went clubbing with Lam Ka-Tung and reached the hotel almost drunk. Quite a fun trip this is although I regret not being able to stay longer for the film festival screenings.

Well, will update more later.

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Favourite Games

I have always love playing board games, ever since I was very young when I play police and thief using erasers that I cut to various sizes. I have tried to develop, without success, my own trading board game based on the manufacturing model and have attempted countless times to modify existing board games, especially so, Monopoly, where I have included more advanced financial instruments such as bonds, futures, complete with a stock market using a computer generated stock market where each players can list their companies if they met given criteria.

Nowadays, I have found the ultimate board game in Weiqi although I enjoy a lot playing Monopoly or Risk once in a while. Another of my favourite game besides Weiqi, is Texas Hold’em Poker. In fact, I rank it side by side with Weiqi and I learn a lot about myself and the world playing Texas Hold’em.

What is so fascinating about Texas Hold’em? Well, I don’t really know. It is a game of chance as well as skill and strategy. This complements well with Weiqi where it is a perfect information game. Texas Hold’em (or for that matter, any game that depends on chance) relies on chance as much as skill and strategy. From it, I learn to deal with situation where information is incomplete and a lot has to do with pure calculated risks, odds, understanding of human psychology, etc.


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Three Excellent Business Books

I have read many business books and I enjoy reading them a lot. I consider the following three of the best I have read:

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The most horrible TV show

The most horrible TV show I have ever seen:

MTV's “My Super Sweet 16”, that is. It embodies all that is evil in the human heart.

Horrible, horrible!

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Les Huit Raisons

The 8 reasons why I DON’T WANT TO SLEEP ALONE was banned:

1. Malaysians are cheating and abusing foreign labors
2. Locals are not caring enough and not taking care of people that fainted
3. Beggars everywhere
4. Haze in KL; people wearing mask
5. Poverty; people collecting thrash
6. Dirty living environment
7. Abandoned building projects
8. Illegal foreign labors everywhere

We love our censors.


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