Favourite Games

I have always love playing board games, ever since I was very young when I play police and thief using erasers that I cut to various sizes. I have tried to develop, without success, my own trading board game based on the manufacturing model and have attempted countless times to modify existing board games, especially so, Monopoly, where I have included more advanced financial instruments such as bonds, futures, complete with a stock market using a computer generated stock market where each players can list their companies if they met given criteria.

Nowadays, I have found the ultimate board game in Weiqi although I enjoy a lot playing Monopoly or Risk once in a while. Another of my favourite game besides Weiqi, is Texas Hold’em Poker. In fact, I rank it side by side with Weiqi and I learn a lot about myself and the world playing Texas Hold’em.

What is so fascinating about Texas Hold’em? Well, I don’t really know. It is a game of chance as well as skill and strategy. This complements well with Weiqi where it is a perfect information game. Texas Hold’em (or for that matter, any game that depends on chance) relies on chance as much as skill and strategy. From it, I learn to deal with situation where information is incomplete and a lot has to do with pure calculated risks, odds, understanding of human psychology, etc.


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