Tan Chui Mui Shorts

Following many of Chui Mui’s successes with LOVE CONQUERS ALL at the festivals, her reputation as an up and coming Malaysia filmaker is hard to deny. Not many people likes LOVE CONQUERS ALL but I do find it an admirable effort.

I know I am a bit slow but I finally managed to watch three of her shorts, SOUTH OF SOUTH, A TREE IN TANJUNG MALIM and COMPANY OF MUSHROOMS.

I must say that I am completely 100% bowled over by COMPANY OF MUSHROOMS! What really could happen when four guys sit down and start drinking and talking nonsense, from porn movies to prostitutes to their wives, girlfriends? Well, apparently a lot can happen and how the conversation became more and more serious, where old histories and messed up personal lives surfaces into the conversation, sometimes even threatening their friendship, is really a joy to watch, especially Yuhang’s character which is especially pathetic but of which we watch with much pity.

I strongly recommend this short even if you didn’t like LOVE CONQUERS ALL. It’s a gem.

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One response to “Tan Chui Mui Shorts

  1. silas jirndes

    Hi, i realy like her films. And I realy want to be part of her new short film which will be shot in Durban.

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