Got tagged again

Last week was really a hectic week. We brought in the two leads from CITIZEN DOG and did a press conference and a screening of that movie in GSC Mid Valley and then the next day, fly to Jakarta with them and hold another screening and press conference there. The lead actress (Jeed) is just so tall and skinny and the lead actor (Jean) carries a mini guitar with him everywhere he goes. He is a member of an underground band in Bangkok and composed one of the songs in CITIZEN DOG. Wisit is supposed to be here but he has fallen quite ill and lost half his weight already.

Ok, I got tagged by YTSL again. It requires that I name six weird things about myself. This is going to be a problem because I consider myself absolutely normal and uninteresting. My life is one where I could afford nothing much and had to fight for everything with my own bare hands. Somehow, thanks to the protection from the All-Mighty and with a bit of luck, I managed to pull through and find something in this life. But these are not really interesting things because I could not really afford to be interesting.

The most interesting thing in my life is that I found my wife whom I find is the most interesting person I know. She is the most humble person I know but has stuffs in her head not many people can imagine. I really hope someday those stuffs from her head gets on paper or on screen so that people can take a peek into this absolutely magnificent and creative mind.

Ok, so much for this sentimental stuffs. Here are the six things about myself that I consider weird.

1. If I am interested in some things, I spend a lot of effort and money in getting to know that thing better. I will go over the internet, ask people, buy lots of books etc. At first I did not think that this is weird because I assume every person will do that for things that interests them. Apparently, this is not generally so. In the process, of course, I burnt holes in my pocket.

2. I like to smell books. I just love the smell when I flip through books. I got this thing when I was studying last time. I somehow imagined that the smell will make my brain remember what I have read before. So, it is somehow revision by way of smell. It became a habit and now I smell books.

3. I always imagine my own funeral and sometimes the imagination gets so real, it became scary. These imagination sometimes comes with its own soundtrack too.

4. When I was a teenager, I blast Beethoven’s 9th Symphony into my ears when I get angry. I practically hold the two speakers and put it right next to my ears and put it on full blast.

5. While I was in the military band during my school days, we had always to stay overnight in school for the next day’s function. There was once when we heard the sound of chains just right outside the classroom where we slept. Not enough of chain sounds, we heard bangings on the door and the walls just outside. This is my nearest encounter with the other world. My school used to be the Japanese army camp during the second world war and apparently many people were killed there.

6. I thought walking through the Catacombs of Paris was quite weird.

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