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Busted the Go Player

Bao Yun decided to stay over the weekend so that he can watch the football Asian Cup. He likes games and football is one of them. He is here to cheer for China and when China beat Malaysia 5-1, he said he wanted to shout of joy but was very afraid as he was surrounded by Malaysians. So he decided to stay for the Sunday match China vs Iran.

On Saturday, of course, he was at the Japan Club for our regular Weiqi meet-up and he played two sessions of simultaneous games, against 10 players of various strengths per session. He won most of the games, of course. I got busted by him in a 6 handicap game as I lost two corner fights.

However, it seems like he is also very much into Texas Hold’em and what a heaven given opportunity to bust him back!!! :-) After dinner, we went over to our friend’s house where Bao Yun stayed and I didn’t lose the opportunity to show off my set of 500pc Pro Clay poker chips and a set of the super cool Kem bridge sized cards :) What more, I also showed off the chip shuffle that I have been practicing. With these and my fingers crossed, I was looking for a chance to bust Bao Yun’s chips at least once.

And I did. This was how the hand went as far as I can remember.

7 players with the blinds at 1 and 2. Buy-in was 100 chips with unlimited re-buys. The players’ chip stacks do not vary much, maybe around the region of 30-40 chips from each other. Both Bao Yun and myself have roughly the same number of chips, plus minus maybe 10-20 chips.

I was dealt pocket 7 and a player limped in. I limped in too as pocket 7 is not a particularly strong hand with two very loose players at the table. The others called to Bao Yun who raised it to 8 chips, 4 times the big blind. Everyone folded except me who called.

The flop was great for me, a 7 a 6 and a small card. I made my trips and a wonderful opportunity to bust Bao Yun who raised pre-flop. Chances are that this flop missed his hand. Pretending weakness, I slowplayed the hand by checking, hoping that he will bet and I will check-raise to take the pot down there and then. He bet 25 (five red chips) and I raised another 25, making the pot now standing at 94 chips. Maybe he sensed that I was trying to steal the pot (which is unlikely since my raise was just less than half the pot and my this small bet would usually send the poker pros all the signals to fold their hand unless he figured I may be trying to execute a post oak bluff), he made the move and pushed all his chips in. I called instantly.

He muttered something as he saw my trips 7 and he turned over a K and a 6, suited. There were two other cards that is of the same suit on the flop, so with a pair 6, a high kicker and a flush draw, he figured he had the chances. Then, a 6 appeared on the turn and he made his trip 6s but I made my full house. Unless another 6 comes out on the river, he would have lost all his chips. The 6 didn’t appear and I busted all his chips. Woo hoo!!!

Of course he made a re-buy and played some very excellent hands very aggressively and recovered somewhat :)

What a great way to spend a Saturday.

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The Game in Played

For those interested, here is the kifu of the game played as mentioned in my post below.

Some comments made by Bao Yun in the post game review:

Black C10: Black should have played a line higher at D10 to better coordinate the top and bottom stones.

Black R10: Black should have played around K4 instead of splitting White’s position. This will also give white an oppotunity to attack the stones and at the same time building a moyo at the top.

Black K8: Black would be better off just playing L16 and leave the white stones on the left weak.

White N14: The purpose is to prepare to attack the black group on the right side. I miss this kind of preparatory moves in my own game. Something to remember.

Black R18: is better off at Q18. This will save all of blacks problems later but Boon Ping is a fighter. Bao Yun said that once black plays this moves, he knows that black is planning a Ko. He is blind-folded but sees the board clearer than all of us with eyes wide open.

White N16: sacrificing the white group at the right side is brliiant. He gains sente and builds a massive position in the center.

White O3, this ponuki is too good for white and coordinates well with the center thickness.

Black H5 is unreasonable. Should have simply played at E4 and build up the left side instead of creating a group for attack. However, Boon Ping is very confident with fighting and is a great fighter, so worth a try.

Black J8 give white an easier game. If black plays at K7, the game will be tougher for white. Now white has a great territory potential in the center. Huge river.

White N18. Isn’t this just brilliant?!!! From here on, there’s no chance for black.

Remember that he is playing blind-folded. Way cool :)

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Unbelievably Blind

I am not talking about Big Blind and Small Blind although I am playing a lot of Texas Hold’em Poker lately. What I am talking about and is still amazed until now is that we have a guest from China who is a weiqi 6dan. He just played a game of blind-fold weiqi with our latest national champion, a 4 dan who seats at number 23 out of the 68 participating countries in the 28th World Amateur Go Championship recently.

Our guest, Mr. Bao Yun, played the game blind-folded and we observed with amazement how he managed to remember the moves and at the same time fight complicated battles. He won the game by resignation and replayed the game later to tell us where the major mistakes are made. Very amazing indeed.

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Must go DVD Place

If you are in Jakarta, I have just found a great place to shop for DVDs. This place is called Mangga Dua Mall, a pretty famous mall but due to the distance from where I am staying, I didn’t manage to go there after all these while since the place starts to shut down by 7.00pm.

The choice of DVDs there is unbelievable, from classics to the latest movies. Beautiful boxed sets exists, e.g. one could easily find boxed sets of Mizoguchi, Hou Hsiao hsien, Wong Kar Wai, Jim Jarmush, Truffaut, Rohmer, etc. I just bought a Tarkovsky boxed sets containing Ivan’s Childhood, Andrei Rublev, Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, etc. And all in a very nice and sturdy box. This is only a small fraction of what is available and I didn’t have time to go through all that is available. What an amazing place (and of course, the prices are even more mindbogglingly cheap).

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Long Time Passing

Have been such a long time since my last post. Oh my goodness, almost 2 months now? I think this is probably one of the the longest break I have taken, if not the longest ever.

Nothing particularly exciting happened besides the normal movie watching which is getting so insane these days. I finally went to the Jaya Supermarket DVD shop which I have been wanting to go for so long but kept on postponing the trip despite many people telling me how absolutely marvellous the place is.

Indeed, it is absolutely marvellous! I don’t remember the last time I bought so many DVDs in Malaysia but this time I bought lots and ordered boxed sets which I hope will eventually come, such as the Mikio Naruse boxed sets.

Watched and re-watched countless times “Mambo Girl” and now fell in love with the Cathay Classics (thanks to my geeky friend who is now living in movie paradise (i.e. Hong Kong) doing movie paradise stuffs…grrr…) but nowhere can I find Cathay DVDs in KL. An absolute shame.

Cinema? Hollywood movies? Didn’t like Transformers, Fantastic Four not fantastic at all. Ocean’s Thirteen is quite good but Ocean’s Eleven is still the best, nope, nope, “Sex, Lies and Videotape” is still much better. Pirates of the Carribean? Too noisy. Maybe I am really getting too old. Shrek 3 is funny in bits but still Shrek 2 is better. Seems like Hollywood summer is not doing too well in my books, but well….

Eye in The Sky is quite good but very Johnnie To, which I am getting too much a dose these days. Couldn’t really see Yau Nai Hoi as director as yet. Great screenplay and editing though.
Sivaji? Not yet watch but wanted to except getting a ticket is too difficult and I am not paying 40 bucks to watch Rajinikanth.

Diva? Too drama for me. All the major drama parts makes me laugh but a couple of songs are quite catchy. Go watch this movie! My name is on the credit roll! One of my very last project before I left that production company. Unfortunately the other one which I am proud to be associated with (Dukun) is still not getting released yet. That movie is something. Unfortunate…

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