Long Time Passing

Have been such a long time since my last post. Oh my goodness, almost 2 months now? I think this is probably one of the the longest break I have taken, if not the longest ever.

Nothing particularly exciting happened besides the normal movie watching which is getting so insane these days. I finally went to the Jaya Supermarket DVD shop which I have been wanting to go for so long but kept on postponing the trip despite many people telling me how absolutely marvellous the place is.

Indeed, it is absolutely marvellous! I don’t remember the last time I bought so many DVDs in Malaysia but this time I bought lots and ordered boxed sets which I hope will eventually come, such as the Mikio Naruse boxed sets.

Watched and re-watched countless times “Mambo Girl” and now fell in love with the Cathay Classics (thanks to my geeky friend who is now living in movie paradise (i.e. Hong Kong) doing movie paradise stuffs…grrr…) but nowhere can I find Cathay DVDs in KL. An absolute shame.

Cinema? Hollywood movies? Didn’t like Transformers, Fantastic Four not fantastic at all. Ocean’s Thirteen is quite good but Ocean’s Eleven is still the best, nope, nope, “Sex, Lies and Videotape” is still much better. Pirates of the Carribean? Too noisy. Maybe I am really getting too old. Shrek 3 is funny in bits but still Shrek 2 is better. Seems like Hollywood summer is not doing too well in my books, but well….

Eye in The Sky is quite good but very Johnnie To, which I am getting too much a dose these days. Couldn’t really see Yau Nai Hoi as director as yet. Great screenplay and editing though.
Sivaji? Not yet watch but wanted to except getting a ticket is too difficult and I am not paying 40 bucks to watch Rajinikanth.

Diva? Too drama for me. All the major drama parts makes me laugh but a couple of songs are quite catchy. Go watch this movie! My name is on the credit roll! One of my very last project before I left that production company. Unfortunately the other one which I am proud to be associated with (Dukun) is still not getting released yet. That movie is something. Unfortunate…

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