Must go DVD Place

If you are in Jakarta, I have just found a great place to shop for DVDs. This place is called Mangga Dua Mall, a pretty famous mall but due to the distance from where I am staying, I didn’t manage to go there after all these while since the place starts to shut down by 7.00pm.

The choice of DVDs there is unbelievable, from classics to the latest movies. Beautiful boxed sets exists, e.g. one could easily find boxed sets of Mizoguchi, Hou Hsiao hsien, Wong Kar Wai, Jim Jarmush, Truffaut, Rohmer, etc. I just bought a Tarkovsky boxed sets containing Ivan’s Childhood, Andrei Rublev, Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, etc. And all in a very nice and sturdy box. This is only a small fraction of what is available and I didn’t have time to go through all that is available. What an amazing place (and of course, the prices are even more mindbogglingly cheap).

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