Here’s Mohd. Syafie (famously known as “Mukhsin! Mukhsin!), winner of the Best Young Actor category during the recent Malaysian Film Festival in Penang.

What do I think of the festival? Well, normal fare as can be expected.

Best Movie went to CINTA which is ok but what is not ok is that TENTANG BULAN got nominated for Best Film and better films such as MUKHSIN did not. Best Director went to Suhaimi Baba for WARIS JARI HANTU. I think this is ok although I was rooting for Yasmin Ahmad but WARIS JARI HANTU is a well made film nonetheless. Best Actor is definitely Rusdi Ramli. I think he is very good in WARIS JARI HANTU. Also, Vanida Imran for Best Actress is also a good choice. Well, nothing too exciting. Everybody sure did get a piece of meat.

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