Lousy Book

Just got this book from FINAS today: Malaysian films :the beginning /by Mohd. Zamberi A. Malek, Aimi Jarr.. Read 3 quarters of it now and didn’t like it. The writing is too superficial, the illustrations doesn’t match the text and all throughout the book… “Producers commercially driven with little regard for Malay culture” and variants of it all throughout the book. Sickening propaganda book.

“It was even said that the sophisticated studios of Shaw Brothers, the largest in Hong Kong and a paragon of Chinese culture and civilization, was built on profits derived from the blood, sweat and tears of the actors and those involved in film-making in Jalan Ampas…. A celebrated local film personality implied that the success of the Jalan Ampas studio owed much to the local actors because the management and technicians were Chinese who hardly knew the Malay language, while the directors were Indians and Filipinos who were ignorant of local customs and traditions…”

I don’t know what’s wrong with these guys. Such inferiority complex, yes? What about a keen sense of business acumen, superb storytelling techniques, talent management and development, etc? Exactly what the current local film industry is lacking, for example??

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