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I. Am. Geisha. The real deal

I think I have quite decided that I am not going to spend much time on Facebook. It is getting less and less attractive the longer I use it. It is just a bit too busy. Plus I now prefer the simplicity of a blog, a feeling of understated class and sophistication.

As I have mentioned in YTSL’s blog, I will start blogging again. It is calming to just sit down quietly in front of the keyboard and start to type slowly, taking my time to think and write in between sips of tea and with Bach floating in the air. It truly is calming.

I have never liked MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA the movie. However, the fortunate me have just received a Mikio Naruse boxed set and for the first time, I got to watch LATE CHRYSANTHEMUMS which I have been wanting to watch for a very long time. Same as I have observed from WHEN A WOMAN ASCENDS THE STAIRS, Naruse’s storytelling is as effective as that of Ozu or Mizoguchi. His screen is busier, with a lot of shots and intercuts but his observation and execution of small nuances is very heartfelt and brings a lot of joy to me.

The depiction of the lives of retired geisha brings to light a deeper understanding of them and since geishas do intrigue me a bit, I find it very interesting to know more about their life. Taking off from other geisha movies, especially those of Mizoguchi’s (for me especially so GION BAYASHI), it puts together more pieces to the puzzle.

Talking about classic Japanese directors, Ozu still reign supreme for me, followed by Mizoguchi and now I am beginning to watch more and more of Naruse. What about Kurosawa Akira? I used to really liked his movies. I still like them too now but it is not as beautiful as the taste of green tea over rice. Ahhh…. the taste of green tea over rice. Understated yet sophisticated. Beauty in simplicity. The less, the better.

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