Guru Wu Qingyuan, Oscars

The Oscars is this coming Monday. Not that I am overly excited about it. It is only the Oscars, not the Hong Kong Film Awards. But what is going to be fun is that some of my colleagues will be coming early to the office this Monday and watch the Oscars together. That will be fun. I have done that before in my old company when Dom made breakfast and we watched the Oscars, occasionally jumping out loud when our favourites won. I remember dancing to the tune when Reese Witherspoon won the Oscar for her role in WALK THE LINE. Those were good times and it gives me kicks, just like when I have Aces Four of a Kind and got called by Kings Four of a Kind, or when after a big battle chase, I finally captured my opponent’s stones in Go. A lot of kick in that.

Per my previous post, I have finally watched THERE WILL BE BLOOD and Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance is top notch. He is my favourite to win his second Oscar for Best Actor in Leading Role. After watching all the 5 nominated movies for the Best Picture category, I will stick with NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, overall excellent direction, plot, acting, etc. but most importantly, it gave me the small kicks throughout the whole movie. Yes, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, JUNO, MICHAEL CLAYTON and ATONEMENT are each wonderful movies. But of all, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN got right into my heart and is the most unforgettable. As for the Oscar for Actress in Leading Role, I have not seen all of the movies there but I really liked Marion Cotillard for her role in LA VIE EN ROSE.

Back track a bit, I was reading a book on confronting reality and was on a chapter on management basics when a colleague came in and we chatted, on movies mostly as he is himself a major major movie fan. To think of it, just for record’s sake, if not also a recommendation for whoever interested, my all time favourite management thinkers are Peter Drucker, Jim Collins and Ram Charan. They are pure management geniuses but what I also like about them is that they are humble, down to earth people. Not some loud mouth, show off guys who thinks that they are the most charismatic people on earth. These three thinkers have an air of understatement, a certain simplicity and clarity of thought, enlightened. Just like the taste of tea over rice (yes, again).

A note of Weiqi (or Go), a friend asked about some information on Weiqi especially for people who wants to pick it up and become good players (players ranked Dan just like the black belt system common in Taekwonda or in Six Sigma, for example). There are some good books on Weiqi, particularly the following:

Lessons in the The Fundamentals of Go by Kageyama Toshiro

Opening Theory Made Easy by Otake Hideo

The Elementary Go Series

Of course, in this age of the internet, there are some websites too such as the American Go Association that contains a lot of information.

But in my personal opinion, nothing can be compared to really getting your hands dirty and play some games. There is a maxim that says that to reach 1 dan, one must have lost 1,000 games. So, there is a nice place to play on line and it is absolutely free. The site is called KGS Go Server. Then next most valuable is to get someone that is stronger to review the games played. This is the fastest way to improve, in my opinion.

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