Towering Mermaid

Absolutely love this movie. I miss my mom…… It won at the Japan Academy Awards which I suspect not many people notices compared to the Oscars although this movie beats a lot of the Oscars nominees hands down. I loved ALWAYS – SUNSET ON THIRD STREET very much too and I have UDON still unopened in the box while STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKES is now on the way to my house.

Ah, how wonderful this is although I am also very much saddened by how much the general movie audience in Malaysia is missing out and in many of their minds, perhaps TRANSFORMERS is the greatest movie in the whole wide world last year. Well, to each their own, I guess, and this is one reason why I get really skeptical when people declare that they are movie fans. Not that I am a snob or anything, it is just that I get annoyed by people who are uninitiated but yet talks loudly as if they know everything, proclaiming this, proclaiming that and saying people stupid just because a certain poor soul happened to miss that movie or can’t remember its name. The more you know, the less you talk because you know how little you know and instead open the ears more in hope of learning.

Tokyo Tower – Mom & Me, And Sometimes Dad

Contra this to one of our upcoming big movie release in Malaysia called DUYUNG which boasts the highest number of print run, at 61 prints, and over 200 CGI shots (irrelevant to the story I would say and pure waste of money) and an exotic location, I have nothing to say except to hide and run if my friends at the Japan club asks me about the movie. I don’t really want to put DUYUNG down so much as I would want to question the integrity of the director who permits people to contaminate his supposedly work of art (if any). What self-respecting director will do such thing, yes? Well, we know which director this is and I am sure people in the know would not be surprised by what this director is capable of doing for the sake of money.

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