Hongkie Donkie

As noted in my previous post, the nominees for the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards have been announced and I have commented on the nominees. However, the ever great http://www.lovehkfilm.com guys have put together a list of their own and this year, they actually got together a panel of juries which includes my geeky friend YTSL. I find this list makes much more sense compared to the Hong Kong Film Awards list and based on this list, I find it much harder to choose the winner. Just a quick look at their nominees for Best Picture:

Best Picture
– Exodus
– Hooked on You
– Lust, Caution
– Mad Detective
– The Sun Also Rises

Compare this to the Hong Kong Film Awards:

Best Picture
– Eye in the Sky
– Mad Detective
– The Postmodern Life of My Aunt
– Protégé
– The Warlords

The first list tells you that it is compiled by people who are true Hong Kong movie fans and the second list tells you that these people are more of the political type rather than the movie fan type.

On the first list, I have a huge problem in deciding whether I would like HOOKED ON YOU to win or for MAD DETECTIVE to win. EXODUS is another one that I also wanted to win. All three movies are superb Hong Kong movies. While LUST, CAUTION and THE SUN ALSO RISES are very good movies and is no less than the three movies above, I felt it is less “Hong Kong”. At gun point, I will choose HOOKED ON YOU as the winner.

The second list? As noted in my earlier comment, MAD DETECTIVE is the winner and this is a no brainer.

Meanwhile, the discerning you will also notice that they are again organising the Asian Film Awards this year. The awards was a huge disappointment last year. Horribly done despite the stars and the movies. This year, the movie selection is much worse. Also, they may as well call it the East Asian Film Award.

But the great excitement now is really the 32nd Hong Kong International Film Festival. Woo hoo!! Just look at the programming and you will drool and drool non stop. These guys really know what they are doing. I will be in Hong Kong for the Film Market but alas! will return after just one week and although I can catch the first week of the Film Festival, my meeting schedule will be so packed I won’t have time to run off for a movie and there are many movies that I would like to watch!! Say Yoji Yamada’s KABEI and Bodrov Sergei’s MONGOL for example, both of which will be screened while I am there. Also, it is a huge pain that the Edward Yang and Ingmar Bergman specials will only be held in April. Arghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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