Earliest Weiqi Game

This is a diagram from the earliest recorded game of weiqi (from 196 AD):

How the game have evolved from there but still some fundamentals are still the same, such as securing the corner, then side then center. Of course, in the early weiqi games, the four corners are already occupied, so the game starts with an approach move towards the corner stone. It is also noticed that most of the moves are very low, i.e. from the 3rd line, and as such, it is a rather defensive game with the aim of securing as much territory as possible. It looks like its going to be quite a long drawn game. How weiqi theory have since been changed by the great Go Seigen (aka Wu Qingyuan whose story was partly told by Tian Zhuang Zhuang in THE GO MASTER). It is a Copernican revolution for weiqi.

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