Sucker for Rom Com

People who knows me would by now know that I am a sucker for love stories. It may be because I don’t have enough number of ex-girlfriends or it may be because I allow myself to indulge in the little that is left in most of human hearts. Sometimes, after a long battle and after the dust is settled, what we find is left in our heart is just love, it could be any kind of love, not only romantic love. I am personally very much convinced that a love-less world is not a world worth living in. Let the greenhouse gases melt all the ice caps for all I care if there is no more love left in the world.

Some nice romantic movies that I have just watched recently: Now in cinemas, DEFINITELY, MAYBE starring Ryan Reynolds, Elizabeth Banks, Isla Fisher and oh my, Rachel Weisz. Of course, it also stars the little girl from LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE who has since shot to fame, Abigail Breslin, who was also quite good in NIM’S ISLAND (also now in cinemas and people who has kids should bring their kids for a family fun time) and also last year’s rom-com NO RESERVATIONS. DEFINTELY, MAYBE could not be said to be something extraordinary, but the execution of it is quite well done. Not the normal linear storytelling type, the whole thing started with the small girl asking her dad to tell his love stories and the dad in return changed some names etc. and ask the girl to guess who her mom is. That of course also gets us audience guessing as well, and the story is told in this framework. Sweet movie and Isla Fisher surely looks good. So is Rachel Weisz.

Talking about Rachel Weisz shall bring me to the next romance movie and guess what, it is of course our dear Wong Kar Wai’s MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS. I have been quite a Wong Kar Wai fan and follower and I awaited his BLUEBERRY with much impatience and once i got hold of it, I just stuck to the screen savouring the movie. Luckily, it is not as bad as 2046. In fact, it is not bad at all and when the credits roll, there is something in my heart that aches, a certain sweetness too, on how lonely love can sometimes be. Visually, it is classic Wong Kar Wai and while watching it, Kar Wai fans cannot but help recalling scenes from his other movies, especially CHUNGKING EXPRESS and IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE. All in all, a wonderful movie and thank Buddha it is not another 2046. While not very popular with the critics, I for one will vouch for MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS.

The next picture is a movie that I have missed during the French Film Festival in Kuala Lumpur last year. Oh oh oh, yeah, by the way, this year’s French Film Festival will see those guys bring in Godard’s A BOUT DE SHOUFFLE (BREATHLESS) which I hope I had a hand in influencing since I suggested to those guys that they should bring in some classic French movies like BREATHLESS!. Anyways, back to the rom-com that I am about to say. The movie is HORS DE PRIX (PRICELESS) and it is definitely PRICELESS. Starring the ever great Audrey Tautou (who can forget her in AMELIE, yes?), it is another straight-forward story but well executed. Actually, a lot of movies have straight forward and predictable storylines but it is really in the execution that it counts. The execution of the finer details that charms people’s hearts and make them cry and laugh and smile just like first love.

Ok ok, enough romantic movies already. Oh yeah, one more first, the movie which I hope will never be made, i.e. LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA. Hated it!! Spoilt the book!!!

Ok ok, really now, before I go, I must recommend Michel Gondry’s BE KIND, REWIND, which is now playing in the cinemas. A truly awesome piece of work which is so enjoyable and at the same time has that substance and mojo in it, I enjoyed it from top to end. Wacky ideas of “Sweded” movies and the final touch of the Sweded, it is a truly Sweded movie. Keen Hong Kong movie lovers will find similar wackiness as in the movie YOU SHOOT, I SHOOT starring Eric Kot and Cheung Tat Ming directed by none other than our beloved Edmund Pang Ho Cheung. What a gem eh?

I love the movies.

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