Gustav Mahler’s Family (Paternal)

Gustav Mahler’s Family


1. Great-Great Grand Father & Mother


Born (Date, Place)

Died (Date, Place)


Abraham Mahler

1720, Chmelná

9 Jul. 1800, Chmelná

Singer in a synagogue, supported himself by prepraring Jewish food

married to:


Born (Date, Place)

Died (Date, Place)



1731, Chmelná

26 Mar. 1801, Chmelná

2. Great Grand Father & Mother


Born (Date, Place)

Died (Date, Place)


Bernard Mahler



married to:


Born (Date, Place)

Died (Date, Place)


Ludmila (Barbara) Lustig

3. Grand Father and Grand Mother


Born (Date, Place)

Died (Date, Place)


Simon Mahler

1793, Chmelná

14. Jul. 1865, Lipnice

Lease holder, Businessman (owner of wine distiller, also founder of a textile factory)

married to:


Born (Date, Place)

Died (Date, Place)


Marie Bondy


1883, Lipnice

4. Father & Mother


Born (Date, Place)

Died (Date, Place)


Bernard Mahler (Picture)

2 Aug. 1827, Lipnice

18 Feb. 1889, Jihlava

Businessman, wine distiller

married to:


Born (Date, Place)

Died (Date, Place)


Marie Hermann (Picture)

2 March 1837, Ledec

11 Oct. 1889, Jihlava

5. Siblings


Born (Date, Place)

Died (Date, Place)


Isidor Mahler

22 Mar. 1858, Kaliste


Ernst Mahler

18 Mar. 1862, Jihlava

13 Apr. 1875, Jihlava (heart disease)

Leopoldine Mahler (married to Ludwig Quittner)

18 May 1863, Jihlava

27 Sep. 1889, Vienna

Karl Mahler

27 Aug. 1864, Jihlava

28 Dec. 1865, Jihlava

Rudolf Mahler

17 Aug. 1865, Jihlava

21 Feb. 1866, Jihlava

Alois-Louis Mahler

6 Oct. 1867, Jihlava

14 April 1931, Chicago

Bookkeeper and (Sales) Representative for the Heller Candy Company, makers of the Wiener Zuckerl.

Justine Mahler (married to Arnold Rosé)

15 Dec. 1868, Jihlava

22 Aug. 1938, Vienna

Arnold Mahler

19 Dec. 1869, Jihlava

15 Dec. 1871, Jihlava

Friedrich Mahler

23 Apr. 1871, Jihlava

15 Dec. 1871, Jihlava

Alfred Mahler

22 Apr. 1872, Jihlava

6 May 1873, Jihlava

Otto Mahler

18 June, 1873, Jihlava

6 Feb. 1895, Vienna (commited suicide)


Emma Mahler (married to Eduard Rosé)

19 Oct. 1875, Jihlava

15 May 1933

Konrad Mahler

17 Apr. 1879, Jihlava

8 Jan. 1881, Jihlava

6. Children


Born (Date, Place)

Died (Date, Place)


Marie Anna (“Putzi”) Mahler (Picture)

3 Nov. 1902, Vienna

5 Jul. 1907, Maiernigg

Anna Justina (“Gucki”) Mahler (Picture)
(married 1. Rup Koller, 2. Ernst Krenek, 3. Paul Zsolnay, 4. Anatol Fistoulari, 5. Albrecht Josef)

15 June 1904, Vienna

9 Jul. 1989, London


7. Grand Children


Born (Date, Place)

Died (Date, Place)


Alma Zsolnay (married German)

5 Oct. 1930, Vienna

Marina Fistoulari (married 1. Paul Glass, 2. Milan Havlicek)

1 Aug. 1943, London

8. Great Grand Children


Born (Date, Place)

Died (Date, Place)


Anna Germany

6 Feb. 1960, Los Angeles

Irene Germany

31 Mar. 1961, London

Alexandra Zdraska Havlicek

1 May 1975

The MAHLER line can be traced back to MAHLER Abraham, a merchant and synagogue singer, the first MAHLER to take that name. (Most Jews did not have fixed hereditary surnames until the early 19th century. Before that, people were known only by their first name and a patronymic, i.e. their father’s given name, e.g. “Yaacov ben Shmuel”, meaning “Yaacov the son of Shmuel”. Jews were required to take surnames at various times: Austrian Empire (1787). [1]


The above information was assembled with documents made available to me by Mr. Henry Mahler. We sincerely thank him for his kindness to allow us access to these information. All errors, however, are completely mine.

Ho Hock Doong (Hock-doong, Ho)
2 March, 2001
Kuala Lumpur.


[1] From:

[2] Iglau (German) is the same as Jihlava (Czech).
[3] Kalischt (German) is the same as Kaliste (Czech).


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15 responses to “Gustav Mahler’s Family (Paternal)

  1. Irene Flint

    Please correct my details under great-grandchildren:

    Irene Germany

    DOB: 30.3.1961

    Also my sisters maiden-name was Anna Germany.

    Thank you.

  2. fallingstones

    Hi Irene, apologies for the error as I have just followed the spelling from the documents provided generously to me by Mr. Henry Mahler. Many thanks for notifying.

  3. Dr Robin O'Neil uk

    Emma Mahler (married to Eduard Rosé)

    is there any detailed information re Eduard Rose re transported to theresianstadt where he died aged 80+ Details of transport would be appreciated.

  4. Alma Zsolnay: date of death is November 15, 2010 in Vienna. Brief announcement in Die Presse (Wien) November 24, 2010.

  5. In the event that you may maintain this genealogy and update it, here is information from a Spanish-language blog:

    Marina tuvo a su vez una hija, Sasha Havlicek, hasta el momento sin descendencia, mientras que Alma Zsolnay tuvo dos hijas: Anna Frühwirth que a su vez es madre de Caroline Rosalinde Germany (tataranieta de Mahler) e Irene Flint que también es madre de una tataranieta de Gustav, Alina Jennifer Flint.

    [Marina has in turn a daughter, Sasha Havlicek, so far without issue, while Alma Zsolnay had two daughters: Anna Frühwirth which in turn is the mother of Caroline Rosalinde Germany (great granddaughter of Mahler) and Irene Flint who is also mother of a great granddaughter of Gustav, Alina Jennifer Flint.]

    [Posts from 2002 were extracted from „La descendencia de Mahler” at

  6. Irene Flint

    Hi, this is Irene Flint. Just to let you know I also have a second daughter, Kathryn Maria Flint.

  7. Silvia

    Does Mahler have any descendants that identify as Jewish?

    • agnes

      My grandfather was alma schindler’ s cousin. And though I have read accounts of her being an anti Semite we are jewish. We are not Mahlar descendents but I am also curious.

    • nicole

      yes i am a decendent i have been trying to get this put there im gustav mahlers four times great grandchild

  8. Victor Veronesi

    Ok, can I profit of this forum to ask to the Irene Flint if into the family are kept not only memories of Maestro Mahler, but also of the stepfather of Alma Schindler, ceratain Carl Moll. He was very active in the commerce of pictures with Italy. Best regards Victor Veronesi , art historian and critic email

    • Irene Flint

      To Victor Veronesi
      I would have liked to help you with your enquiry, but have no information regarding Carl Moll which would be of interest to you. I am sorry to have to disappoint you. Kind regards, Irene Flint

      • liz Kettle

        Hi Irene,
        This is Liz Kettle from Mayfield School! I am not sure if you remember me and also Imogen Hutton – we were all in 1N with form tutor Mrs Hassani. Me and Imogen are still in touch and were reminiscing about our time there. We have fond memories of you, especially when you first came to the school. How are you? What are you doing? Are you in touch with anyone from school?
        I now live in Sheffield and am a grandmother. Not sure if you knew, but my grandfather was Jewish, with family originally from Krakow. I also have come to love your great-grandfather’s music (especially his second symphony). I’d love to hear from you and how you are.
        Love Liz x

      • Irene Flint

        Hi Liz

        Thank you for your message and I would like to reply properly. Would you mind forwarding your email address, as this doesn’t feel private.

        Love, Irene

      • Liz

        Hi Irene – I’m on
        Really looking forward to hearing from you.
        Love Liz

  9. nicole

    hi i heard about this last year and i wanted to tell you so bad but i wasn’t sure if it was safe but i am the great great great granddaughter of Gustav Mahler and my grandfather is bill mahler and for years i have told people this but they never believe me but if you wanna talk to some of the descendants check in Chesapeake VA, and rocky mount NC

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