Labour Day and Such

Today is our day, laborers who slog day in day out making ends meet. This reminds me too of the coming change of course in my career, a huge change, but for the better I hope. But I will miss all the movies and screenings…. but well, it will still be my number one,… err… number two… err… number three passion. Talking about screenings, was at the IRON MAN screening the other day and we were made to feel very special given that we are watching the movie three and a half days in advance of the general public, and we are supposed to feel damn privileged.

The funny thing about media screening is that when they screen a big movie, such as IRON MAN or CJ7, the hall is almost always packed but when they screen a smaller movie, even if they are great movies, only a handful turns up. Well, everyone loves glitz and glamour, and wants to be popular etc. Small but quality movies is a waste of their time, maybe. Some people can be this shallow and this is probably one of the reasons why the local movie scene is in quite a pathetic and sorry state because the people in the media who is supposed to promote good movies don’t care a damn about them. This is part of the sorry system that we have here and is a vicious cycle on its own, i.e. the public don’t know about the movies and was not stirred to watch them, thus nobody goes to watch, thus low box office takings, thus distributor lose money, thus next time, no more movies like this, thus the public will only see Hollywood blockbusters.

THE KITE RUNNER is a great movie and didn’t disappoint me since I am a great fan of the novel but what the hell? It is only played in two cinemas nationwide. I can quote so many other examples but without the people in the media doing their job (they are supposed to be passionate about movies and believes that the sole purpose of their existence is to get as many people as possible to enjoy great movies), the public won’t notice and will not be moved to go watch them.

IRON MAN is actually quite a cool popcorn movie. A movie you will forget 10 minutes after coming out of the hall but while you are still in the hall, it is guaranteed entertainment. Just don’t ask questions and just go whoa! whoa! and clap clap. It is sure to entertain, so go and watch. But while it is still there, please do go watch THE KITE RUNNER (warning – you may construe it as a piece of American propaganda, which is one reason, I personally believe, why the novel went so far because it serves as a good propaganda vehicle for the USA – but still, I think the story is very good. More on this in the more detailed commentary that I will put up on the website).

On my own website, I will put up a few other pieces, one on Zhang Yuan’s SEVENTEEN (an absolutely marvelous piece of work, cinema as perfect as can be), Mohsen Makmalbaf’s THE SILENCE, some commentary on THE KITE RUNNER and maybe a piece on Korean Cinema.

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