Iron Man

Iron Man, 2008

dir: Jon Favreau

IROM MAN is hugely popular with many people. In fact, last checked, the IMDB registered a 8.4/10 ratings based on 20,305 votes. Some people even equated it with BATMAN BEGINS. Luckily I have yet to read anyone equating it to SPIDERMAN 2. I have high regards for both BATMAN BEGINS and SPIDERMAN 2.

To be honest, this is quite an entertaining Hollywood blockbuster movie to kick start the “summer”. It has all the ingredients, the typical Hero’s Journey as described by Joseph Campbell in his seminal book, “The Hero With a Thousand Faces”, a thumping soundtrack, superb visual effects, romantic moments, etc. But it is just that, popcorn entertainment.

Popcorn entertainment, however, can be dangerous if some people tries to read too much into the movie and could not differentiate fictional entertainment with the real world. If we use what is happening in the real world as a measure of how real the movie is, the movie is far from real. In the real world, the villain is the USA since they are the ones supplying the weapons to Afghanistan to fight the Russians. They are also the ones that supplied Iraq with weapons to fight Iran. In fact, they pretty much supplied all the problems in the hot spots around the world, just like Brendan Fraser’s character in THE QUIET AMERICAN, or the economic equivalent as described in the book Confessions of an Economic Hitman written by John Perkins.

Ok, let’s steer clear of all the holes in the misleading reality that it tries to portray but what about holes in the story? I just have a couple of plot questions:

1. If the “bad guys” or the terrorists from the Ten Rings can easily buy the Jericho missiles as shown later in the film from the inside-man in Stark Industries, why then supply Tony Stark with all the firepower and equipment etc. to build one, knowing that he is a genius and can basically blow his way out of the hole? They even failed to properly supervise him because to anyone who has some IQ, what Tony Stark is building is obviously not a missile, and we are not talking about people who knows nothing about weapons but terrorists who have stocks of advanced weapons at their disposals. I am therefore not convinced at all and to me it is just a necessary thing to do to facilitate the story flow.

2. Later in the movie, if the inside-man is double dealing and supplying the weapons to the terrorists, why then he later kills all of them? Who then is going to buy the super-suits from him except the USA maybe? So then it defeats the double-dealing, fast money motive. By killing the terrorist, he is in fact killing his customers. Why would one kill their own customers? You think other terrorists around the world will now want to deal with this guy? If he is afraid that the terrorist will be powerful beyond control, he can easily build a devise where he can blow up those suits at will, or something like that.

I may have missed some plot twists but based on what I saw, I am not convinced by the plot.

By the way, Jericho is a town in the West Bank and has a chapter in the Bible, so if people really wants to read this film, go read this up and think what this means. Tell our censors this and they may start to ban the movie. Good luck!

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